Some people are lucky to know or find their niche when they are really young. For some, it takes forever. Some have many and excel at all of them, others – it gets too messy.

So how do you find your niche?

I am of the notion that you don’t have to do one thing all your life, you can do as many as you wish. However, from a branding perspective, I do feel it’s wiser to perfect at least one thing. That one thing you want to be known for – it doesn’t have to be something you do – it could be how you do those (many) things or how you make people feel when doing those things.

There are many things I can do – if I applied myself. Lol

But there’s only a few things I’m really passionate about. And there’s like two things I’m passionate to do more than the rest. So I do them. Which is running a design studio and a digital magazine.

For interest sake, the other things include being a fashion designer, a painter, a digital artist, an actor, a writer – the list is endless.

So how do you decide which one? Or how do you navigate all this TALENT that you possess??

  1. Make a list of all your interests and passions
  2. What problems can you solve with the list you just made?
  3. Research your competition – who is doing what you want to be doing in Namibia, are they doing it right? Can you do it better? Can you learn from them?
  4. By now you should have narrowed down your list – which is most profitable? Which makes more sense, financially?
  5. Test it – around your friends and family.

Once you are sure, do a lot of that. Learn, evolve – keep going until you become an expert in that.

Once you’ve become that – slowly branch into your other crafts and passions. Because people now trust you on this particular thing ( Re: how you make people feel/how you do that thing), they will now engage you as you introduce them to new things and passions. They become part of your cheering army and support you through brand changes etc.

My answer to finding and navigating your niche and niches is to identify that one thing you want to be known for, do it well and then SLOWLY branch into your other crafts.

You know, like a tree.

I hope this was helpful.

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Till next time,

Betty Sibeso | @bettysibeso

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