She should be your favourite Twitter and Instagram account. She brings it all. The fashion – the beauty – the humor. But most importantly, the talent!

We caught up with 20 year old Mhudi Simana to find out if she could pass on some COOL to us!

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Who is @mhudi? Who is the person behind the account?

My full name is Mhudi Simana (pronounced Muhudi)
Behind this account is a 20 year old human.
I’m currently a bird in the wind, just going wherever and and going whatever feels right, or sparks interest. I’m a Namibian, currently based in Dakar Senegal where I hope to penetrate the creative industry in all its sectors.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about the arts, I’m passionate about learning as much as I can about anything and everything that interests me in this world. I’m passionate about tailoring my experience in this lifetime to suit me as best as possible, that’s how I’ve learnt to move in this world. With intention.

Talk to us about your style? How would you describe it?

My style is very eclectic and all.
Over the place. I think of myself as being very multifaceted and not tied down to one form of expression, one identity, one way of being, and my style is the embodiment of that.
Just anything and everything.

What’s your favourite item in your closet?

My favourite item in my closet is my sweatpants. I love sweatpants with all my heart. I feel comfortable in them, and I can dress them up and down as I please.

What’s the inspiration behind your IG videos?

My IG videos are just me, being me.
I can’t explain it any better or tell you what inspires them, because that’s it.
My ultimate being is the essence and inspiration.

We watched your last IG TV video, what we learned from it was that you can sing, would you pursue a career in music?

I don’t know if I’d say I’d like to “pursue a career in it” but I’m a creative and the incentive is to put out what I create.
So I will be (am) making music and putting it out there for my sake but that’s pretty much it. Like everything else I do. I put it out and whoever digs it digs it.

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

It’s not a hope, but I plan to explore and dive into every aspect of my creativity. Build and lay down a new blue print to how this life can be lived to your liking.
The path I plan to go on, hasn’t been laid into the ground yet and it makes figuring it out a little scary cause there’s no past paper I can just look back to – to make sense of it. So I plan  to pave that road that people, who too wish to live out a multifaceted life, can use as a guide and affirmation.

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(Images provided by Mhudi | Main Image by Lucia Petschnig)

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