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I never thought that with age, procrastination becomes a FRIEND.

I reflected on my promise to myself for this New Year, and I realized that within all of this, I have not been active.  The last time I was in the gym, was at the end of November 2019.

My only resolution for this year is to live a more simplified life and to still maintain a healthy balance. 


I travelled most part of December thus no gym – I know, it is no excuse.

I then fell ill with a terrible ear infection, and I was on medication for almost two months and I really did not feel well physically to attempt dying by the hand of exercise.

However, lo and behold, I am medication free for the past two weeks. 

Last week Monday was really hectic, as I had a client flying in from SA for the week to assist with another project and when he arrived he was delayed with 30 minutes, which had a ripple effect on the rest of my day. 

I could not have lunch and when I finally got to sit down for the meeting, I was surrounded by sweets in the conference room, yet I stood the test of time. 

However, I promised myself, come hell or high water, this is the week that I am going to get back up on the exercise horse.

So, Tuesday came, and I power dressed – a great tool to make my day fly by and keep my confidence high. Power Dressing in my books, is dressing in white & black or black & red.  The ‘’power’’ lies in the color. 

Tuesday after work I knew I wanted to get my blood pumping, however as a mother and caregiver with one hundred other things to attend to this always becomes a challenge. I attended to household chores upon arrival at home, started with dinner and dished up by 19h00.

I geared up and left for the Daan Viljoen Road, and I decided that I am doing this at my pace.

I felt a bit skeptical being there in the ‘’boendoes’’  all by myself, and thinking of the worst possible things that could happen, but I luckily managed to find other people there too.

It was drizzling a bit and after a bit of a stretch, I attempted a frisk walk. Five minutes in and I was huffing and puffing. The road also had a bit of an inline which made things much worse. I managed to take a frisk walk for about 20 minutes on Day 1 after a forever of doing nothing.

I managed to jog for about two minutes and my heart was beating outside my chest and all I heard was: ENGAGE YOUR CORE ANKE!

On my walk back I was handsomely awarded a picturesque view of a rainbow.  What an awesome reminder from God.

I also managed to keep momentum for the week and at least went for my walk three times last week, amidst dinners, lunch preps, bath time and story reading time.

The muscles were groggy after day one but I soaked in Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender oil. The best remedy is to STRETCH and STRETCH.

Day 2 and 3 it went a bit easier and I could improve on my 20 minutes of the previous day to 30 minutes.

For the entire week, I kept my meals clean, had loads of water and I replaced sugar with Xylitol.

I would have loved to have a Day 4 and Day 5 of exercise, however I had to lay a good friend to rest and I could not. 

I am once again humbled at the feedback I got once I shared my routine on my Instagram story feed and followers pleaded I continuously share my journey, which I will. Disclaimer, it is raw and authentic.

Share with me, what works for you? Do you want to join me on my walks? Follow me on social media and engage with me: Anke Anja Schweickhardt on Facebook, ankiez_na on Instagram, @AnkiezN on Twitter.

I was fortunate enough today, to be able to bring wellness to the office. I am grateful that I am awarded the opportunity to engage with young, upcoming businesses and in the same time contribute to my own and my colleagues’ wellness.

Thanks to Mekenificent Meals.



‘’Curvy Scorpio’’


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