‘’You deserve an ‘’E’’ for Effort’’ – unknown

I detest the fact that I have to carefully select my words in my writing in order for me not to be portrayed as a certain ‘’type’’ of woman or human being.

However, I know why you keep on reading, because I am bold in my writing, because I say what most of you think and not dare say out loud?

I am sure you would not like it if I sugar – coated things that don’t have any business in being sugar-coated. 

Well, whatever your thoughts might be after reading this – will only be your reality. I will definitely not lose any sleep over it.  I have long mastered the art of not being worried about what people may or may not think. It’s an absolute art, trust me. If you need pointers, I am willing to help.

You see, I have had it with Half Ass anything and I am taking a stand against it by writing the following contribution.

I am such a passionate person, I pour all my feelings into every single task that comes my way. I simply cannot do something with half of my soul and personality. It is either fully WITHIN, or fully WITHOUT.

A character trait that makes me very unpopular.

I have spoken to other women and the feeling is mutual, so I am sort of advocating here for the voiceless.

I am speaking to any single man out there, any available guy that is interested in a lady and thinks he is in the process of wooing her.

Yes You! Sit down and read.

What the hell is wrong with you and not putting in any EFFORT in pursuing a lady? 



Learn to pronounce



a vigorous or determined attempt.

Yes, I totally regard where we are as a nation and the ease and laziness the digital platforms brought along. HOWEVER,

Woman needs to be PURSUED!

Let me break it down for you.




Learn to pronounce



Past tense: pursued; past participle: pursued




Follow or chase (someone or something).


And before you ladies get too excited. Men deserve to be pursued as well.  The trend out here currently is, you will be awarded with a text message now and again, a call sometimes, nothing major. 

That’s it!

You might be lucky with an “I miss you” message (if there is some sort of history already), or I am thinking about you.

Maybe a slight suggestion that you guys hook up, but that suggestion is far from subtle and it has a BOOTYCALL taste to it.

And then he will expect your undies to drop. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Hell No Boy!

Women are delicious and sweet human beings. We need to be pursued. We want to be pursued, and the pursuing must be hard, mixed with a bit of effort? That is if you want to be taken seriously at all.

Tick Box – How To Pursue a Woman

    • Communicate, 
    • Let’s go out on dates, or meet up for a drink,
    • Do not suggest to come visit me at my place, – We are not there yet!
    • Let’s go for a walk, or a hike,
    • Surprise me at work,
    • Send me a token of appreciation 




And most importantly…

Do not talk about sex the second day of getting to know me. What are you, a pervert? Sies.

I mean we will talk about it eventually? Why are you jumping the gun? Are your hormones really getting the best of you?  We are so laid back as a nation and entitled as a nation that we expect everything to fall right onto our laps without even attempting half assy to get it ourselves.

After pursuing the lady or the guy, you need to maintain momentum. This is normally where we now hide all our tricks in a hat and become mediocre in the relationship.  You still need to pursue her, DUDE. Do not slack now. 

There are many vultures out there waiting for you to drop the ball.

And if you do not want to pursue a lady for who she is… Please just tell her you want to dip your hand in the cookie jar once and be gone.

Don’t lie. It is gravely out of fashion these days.

We are adults and it is the year 2020 of our Good Lord.



‘’Curvy Scorpio’’



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