I use to do so many things, that would definitely afford me a place in the category of ‘’Extra’’.

‘’Extra Special’’

Well, unfortunately I do not go to all that trouble anymore… most of the time.

Why not you may ask?

Different reasons,

Different seasons, 

Different feelings.

Well, also I used to think that I do not possess an ounce of creativity in my body.

Now I beg to differ.

If it is not creativity to put thoughts and feelings in such a lucid manner on paper then I am not who I say I am!

I LOVE music.

I live and breathe music. I rely on music to start my day positively. I rely on music to channel feel good feels into my little bubble of life.

My son is forever humming and singing in the house, and I sometimes look at him in awe, but then I smile and I remember he is copying mamma. And who knows, maybe he is the next Bruno Mars.

I LOVE Hip Hop music, amongst the rest. Something many a people frown upon and cannot seem to fathom at all.

I know, you would not be able to tell that I like Hip Hop.

The list is too long to share right now of the different types of music I like. The list is endless.

The ultimate good time for me is to attend live music concerts, and in my life, it only happened twice so far. Hey, after all, we live in Namibia! The third concert would have been Burnaboy, but then we all know what happened. I am still proudly walking around with the ticket I purchased at N$950.00. 


Can someone get us our refunds? Or will the African Giant come at a later stage?

And guys, the feels I have when I attend a concert, is unexplainable.  Multitudes of paper will not be enough to describe my feelings.

Goosebumps, inner elatedness, mini happy mind orgasms, zeal and and….

The same happens a bit low key, when I listen to music.

I use to share songs I like with the people closest to my heart (VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE), but I stopped abruptly.

I always thought by sharing a song I really like and that resonates with me, the recipient would feel the exact same, feels, or half of how the song made me feel. Many a times I was right and it had just the effect I had hoped it would have but other times it would not and I would be rendered without any feedback. So disappointing.

I thought sharing a link to a brand new song, or a classic oldie, or a random song which I knew had not been listened to well enough would be such a special gesture; no one will be able to forget such a gesture. Right?

Turns out, I was wrong and naïve!

And these very special people were taking my specialness for a (you know what)….


‘’Curvy Scorpio”


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