‘’Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to disguise my fatness from the rest of the world. Of course, now I have realized that not only is it pointless (I am fat – it’s a fact and everyone can tell), I have also come to the point where I just don’t care who knows.’’ @Leila_Sews

Someone, convinced me to join Twitter, sometime last year I think.

It’s fun the person said, and informative and you will get to know many people as I was more than a year back in my hometown after being a city girl and my social life could just not take off.

I eventually succumbed to the pressure and registered and voila!

I was greeted by the twitter sphere.

It took me a while to figure out what is what and there is still a few uncertainties but I regard it as trial and error.

One is kept abreast of the latest news, gossip/tea and mudslinging.

As much as I do not agree with us hiding behind our gadgets and calling a spade a spade, I totally like the idea of being able to call an individual/organization out on things that seems to be upsetting the general public. I recently had issues with the tertiary institution I make use of for my part time studies and I could call them out on this platform after numerous attempts of getting assistance off course and that outcry reached someone within a few hours than my calls and emails that went unanswered for 24 hrs. prior to the public outcry.

Another bold move that definitely made an impression on me and was the calling out of rapists and these alleged rapists who are owners of local establishments and how these establishments should not be supported as it would be deemed as supporting a rapist and his ways. It highlighted the date rape culture that seems to be a common tendency nowadays.

Then there is the now and then drama between Casper Nyovest and Kiernan Forbes/AKA. As a hip hop fanatic, I of course follow both and see the drama at times and I wonder, what the?

Twitter can also be a great platform to meet a new bae or a ‘’pick up’’ if that is what you are into.  (Definitely not something I am into) It literally goes down in the DMs, the requests one would receive! All I can say is, it is a jungle out there.

A few days ago, I literally had no time to pop onto Twitter and this was such a blessing in disguise as when I eventually got time to catch up there was this really, wait let me search for the correct word: Uncouth and disgusting post by some random girl.

One of the people I follow commented and thus I saw this post.

I am not sure what triggered the post but the post was derogatory as she called fat people lazy and not looking after themselves and letting go of themselves and thus she is the exception to the rule. I gather she classified herself as ‘’fat’’ too. 

This naturally triggered so many questions, like: Is it rude to call someone fat?

Well is it rude to call someone thin?

Is it rude to call someone lazy?

Well is it rude to call someone too much? Over the top?

I choose my battles very wisely especially on social media, but I felt the need to say the following about that post:

‘’ I am so glad I only came on here now to see the clownery. I have been fat forever, and I have been trying to shed weight forever too. But let me tell you something. On my worst days I still look f….if better than any acceptable size woman. From my head to toe to my lingerie. Bye.’’ @Ankiez-N


My post, of course, was endorsed too!



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