Digital man of the moment, DJ Dreas, entertained us during the lockdown by hosting a midnight show that saw various Namibian and International artists come on and finesse us. The show, #5minfinesse, garnered a wide audience reaching over 30 000 viewers with the aim to promote Namibian Hip Hop culture while giving the underdogs the opportunity to put themselves on.

However, well before #5minfinesse he gave us a bop (and an EP) ft Slickartie titled “The Pluto Song” which we’ve added to our list of favourite Namibian songs.

Find out what music means to him in this short interview.

How are you feeling at this moment, right now?

I’m feeling blessed, healthy and mostly content. That’s all I need to feel right now and I am truly grateful for it.

Music is………

Music is very similar to drugs in many ways and is pretty much one. Drugs are famous for their ability to invoke emotional states, change a person’s mood and change the way they perceive their surroundings.

Music is the same for me.

Describe #5minutefinesse in 3 words?

Fun. Educational. Entertaining.

Your favourite #5minutefinesse episode and guest?

All of them. Because the thrill I experience is the same during every episode, my favourite guest was Moonchild Sanelly solely because what we spoke about and the information she shared to our viewers about women feeling fine the way they are and don’t need to be told how to look like in order for us to see them as “beautiful”.

What do you do for fun?

Make music, Read and watch my favorite shows on Netflix. Pretty boring life, I know.

Your favourite song to ever work on/produce?

The Pluto Song featuring Slickartie, the way that song came about is somehow funny and also just shows how great Slickartie is.

Talk to us about Tangerine…

Tangerine is a contemporary electronic dance project that was released in December 2019. 80% of it was done at the Redbull Music Studios in Cape Town South Africa. The project has 2 features from amazing vocalists such as Akeeda from South Africa and Diolini.

The Project is my first studio EP.

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Listen to his EP here

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