I have spent the last week in isolation, after a COVID-19 scare, but Thank God, I can put it behind me and my family is safe and unharmed.

Having so much time to myself and not having the means to write, all sorts of thoughts went through my mind, since I almost stared death in the face.

Right then and there I decided to write my own eulogy.

CRAZY right?

Having to pay tribute to a person’s life at their funeral, is a daunting task, so why not make that task a bit lighter?


By writing our own eulogies/life stories and making it easier for our loved ones on the day that they have to lay us to rest?

So, if you are brave enough, write your own Eulogy and save a copy with your will (Please tell me you have one?).

If you don’t please get one and save your loved ones a lot of heartache and trouble.

So here goes my Eulogy:

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you so much for being present and honoring my memory.  Most of the time, I thought myself too awesome for this world and thus I would describe myself as one PASSIONATE, INCREDIBLE AND AWESOME woman!

I had the privilege to be utterly adored and cherished by my close knit family, loving husband as well as my two children and a few close friends.  Throughout my life I have been a hardworking, adventurous and weirdly humorous person.

I was born on the 22 November 1981 in Rehoboth and was named Anke Anja Schweickhardt.  

Strong names for a courageous woman.

I grew up in Walvisbay, however mum hailed from Rehoboth and went home to give birth to me there. I do not think that made me a baster though.  I never liked being placed in a box, labelled by society.  I deemed myself a human being and that is enough. 

I attended school in Walvisbay at Narraville Primary School and SS De Duine High School and ended my school career in 1999 as the proud Head Girl of the school.

I started my working career as a full blown Police Officer and after four years moved over to the Private Sector, (Banking). I got the opportunity to specialize in the Human Resources space, Learning and Development to be specific and that is how I spent the rest of my banking career, thinking that I have found my purpose in life.

I was rudely interrupted by my forever desire to write and finally after I reached my late thirties gave into that desire. It is miraculous how one gets to know themselves only in their thirties.  My writing journey started when I first created my own blog and wrote daily and then I got the opportunity to publish weekly articles for an online magazine. I also assisted in writing someone’s autobiography and he pushed me to publish my first book, titled Chapter 37, in the meanwhile I also tried my hand at being a script writer. I was very ambitious; my ambition and pace would frustrate me and many a people around me many at times, I profusely apologize for that.

The rest is history, as they would say.

I could not deal with only having to write part time and decided to become a fulltime writer and as soon as I took that leap of faith I met the man of my dreams. This was at a point when I had given up on love and men in general, and very close to my 40s.

My days were filled with hours of writing, spending ample time with my children at the beach and cooking loving meals for my family.  I write this with total appreciation as I remember the numerous books I have published and the fame and fortune it has brought to my life.  I will always treasure the life filled with abundant love and laughter my husband and my children have given me and the space they allowed for me to follow my dreams.

The only message I want to leave everyone with today is:

‘’Wait on the Lord, he will not fail you’’

To my beloved family – Until We Meet Again.


xoxo – Anke 


‘’I am sorry this world could not keep you safe. May your journey home be a soft and peaceful one.’’ Rupi Kaur.


‘’Curvy Scorpio’’


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