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Times are tough, and as the saying goes, ‘’If it rains, it pours’’, and by the look of things, it will get much worse before it gets better, unfortunately.

So take out those ‘’proverbial umbrellas’’.

We need to gear ourselves for tough times ahead financially. Most of us, if not everyone can already feel the pinch financially.

Some of us are still fortunate to receive an income, and we should remain thankful.

Some of us, are not receiving our full income anymore due to the pandemic having its effect on our respective industries.

Some of us, do not have any means of income anymore, sadly.

It is very ill-fated, however, the ‘’show must go on’’.

So, I have been asking myself, what can I do in order to supplement my income, to just not rely on an income which can be here today and gone tomorrow?


And this are the ideas I have come up with and I would like to share it with you:


  • Offer to wash clothes for others who simply do not have the time (bachelors, bachelorettes, students can be your target market), have a fixed asking price (reasonable please) for one basket, be clear ‘’delicates not be included’’, and drop off and collection is on the owner of the clothes.
  • Offer to iron clothes at also a fixed rate per basket,
  • Render services of being willing to go grocery shopping for your neighbors or people living in your  vicinity or for the old age at a reasonable fee,
  • As a single parent, I at times would like to go somewhere after hours but it is not always possible, so it would be handy if I can locate a reliable baby sitter for a few hours, at a fee of course,
  • Many parents also do not have the luxury, to go on ‘’date nights’’ due to not having anyone else to attend to the little ones, thus you could offer sitter services, especially over weekends so that they can go about their business.
  • You must be good at one thing! What is that one thing? 

Mine is writing and I totally maximize it to earn extra income. By now I have even tried my hand at script writing, writing advert dialogues, and voice overs! The money is not great but it is something. Before I could earn any money with writing, I used to write for free, offer my editorial talents for free. Imagine!

  • My mother used to be good at cooking and baking. She would bake biscuits and sell it and she made heaps of money, I remember once she could buy a brand new TV and a very grand wall unit (wall units were still a thing then) cash, just from her biscuit money, and she was also a single parent.
  • Juggling work, school and parenting at times, for me cooking can be a challenge, thank God for online school, at times I listen to my lectures whilst cooking, so let’s say you are good at cooking, and why not offer ready-made meals, especially now that it is winter and charge for those meals. 
  • Braaing seems to be such a good fundraiser, I know many a people who have braais once a month and sell to ‘’fixed customers’’ in order to save towards a wedding, a school trip etc.
  • As a student, I am forever looking for a tutor and it is at times a struggle. We pay those tutors to help us understand our schoolwork better, so why not maximize out of such an opportunity and offer your services in the subject you know you do well.
  • Once again, with the pandemic, we cannot have our kids go back to daycare, pre-primary etc., why not establish a small group of kiddies, if you also have kids or a child, say keep it limited to 5, adhere to all the current health rules and offer those spaces to parents who needs to be at the office full time and not have a plan B for their little ones, or offer a play group once or twice a week, so that our kiddies get into contact with other kiddies and not just stay at home all the time.

Last but not least.

Your biggest advertising tool is Social Media!

The biggest mistake we make is when we seem to hit a big tender we then live large and relax, whereas, the already filthy rich person, does not live large and relax, they chase the next income stream. The already established people, have multiple income streams, and that is the secret of building generational wealth.

You can thank me later.


‘’Curvy Scorpio”


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