These are definitely trying times guys.

I keep asking myself if this is really what I’m all about.  Getting a good fuck from the love of my life that might not love me back.  Is this what my life has become now.


13th April I woke up to agonizing abdominal pains so I called in sick at the office and took the day off just to relax and see if the pains would subside.  Boy was I wrong, I was in for a deadly rollercoaster ride babies.  My urine gave a color I was not familiar with and the pain I experience while urinating was unbearable.  I started to get worried, the only person I could think of calling to take me to the emergency room was none other than, Tate Fire. I mean I could’ve *nga called my sister but I wanted him next to me for some reason *omte se mines got me, right. *ouf!.

This nigger had the balls to tell me *kutcha he isn’t coming because he’s busy with work and that I should dial-a-cab.  “*ndati shike, you must be out of your damn mind”and hung up the phone with so much anger and frustration in me.  I immediately started to cry and screamed out loud “MY GOOD LORD”, I really can’t believe Tate Fire is on speed dial for my emergencies, *og nda nara guys.

So, I called my best friend instead,   *VROOOM here she is to pick me up and asked “GIRRRRL WHO DONE KNOCKED YOU UP?!?” Implying I was pregnant and doing the most *wuuuugh, we both laughed and cried and laughed some more as she helped me get into the car and drove off to the hospital.

The way to the hospital felt like driving to *Okahanja around 5pm on a Monday.  Traffic was insane and I noticed that my dress was getting wet, I shouted to bestie “*ano guuurl! why is your seat wet?”She replied “my seat isn’t wet,* het jy op my stoel get pee die foken kind? ” She asked. We looked down my legs and saw blood, we both screamed and she stepped on it like it like there was a sale at Aldo. My best friend kept telling me all’s good and to hang in there *”ons amper daar.”

The arrival at the hospital was like a movie scene as far as I could remember, my best friend ran to the entrance of the emergence response unit and started screaming “HELP, HELP, MY SISTER ‘BOUT TO DIE!” In my mind, I’m thinking this bitch lost it *lol.  Seconds later nurses came rushing out with those pushy bed thingies and everyone was all hands on deck.  Being rolled down that hospital ale, I kept praying and wishing it’s nothing serious and I passed out.



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