A concept to celebrate love shot by Geena Visagie

Love has such a strong meaning, love can be spoken without words.
As the world celebrates global pride in June, we will reflect and celebrate the beautiful diversity of the LGBTQI+  and love through imagery depicting love in different forms.
A celebration of who we are.
The photoshoot was brought to life by collaborative efforts. Models Adriano Visagie, Donovan Majiedt, Gino Chiappini, Aeron Jay,  styled by Martina in clothing items by local designers Hafeni Frans, Ingo Shanyenge , Melisa Poulton and Marshant
 Van Rooi  and make-up by Miss Jey Art.  All these talented individuals helped bring the “Love is Love” concept to life.
As a developing country mindsets are ever changing into more modern approaches, but there is still a lot of homophobia and stigmatization towards the LGBTQI+ community. It is for this reason that the need to advocate is very important.

Asked individually what pride means to them and the stance of Namibia in celebrating Global Pride:

Geena Visagie: Celebrating Pride in Namibia unfortunately isn’t a privilege for most yet, but it’s what I advocate for and will do so in the best way possible. I would like everyone to come together and celebrate love just for what it is.
Martina: Celebrating Pride means to celebrate the basic human right. It meant showing compassion to my friends to be respected and acknowledged. I however would love to see unity in the movement in Namibia, and more research done based on Namibian history of the LGBTQI+.
Miss Jey: Pride to me means, celebrating love, celebrating belonging, celebrating to be free, to live and to love unapologetically. I was so humbled and honoured to work with these incredible individuals that ooze so much love and light from within. For the first time , I was able to create beautiful and flawless colors pop.
Donovan: Celebrating Pride in Namibia is a reminder that the LGBTQI+ community deserves equality and recognition and that we’ll continue to be visible and advocate.
The photoshoot was an honour and bid to show that I completely accept and celebrate who I am.
Adriano: The photoshoot had a deeper meaning to me either than love, because when we understand love the world will be such a better place. Moreover understandin that it is not okay to throw slurs towards someone, wether it be ‘ moffie ‘ / ‘faggot ‘ / ‘Eshenge’ . I’d love to see less stigma amongst the LGBTQI+ community, the change starts with us.

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