Some of my closest friends I met during my childhood. 

The journey started at primary school through to high school and then adulthood.

Most of them are still my friends, although we do not see each other too often.  We also do our utmost to maintain contact and get together, when we are in the same vicinity as we do not stay in the same towns or countries. I must admit, most of us do not have the same interest anymore but that bond that was established way back, is rock solid.

I am also sure we had a gang name too, but for the life of me I cannot remember it now. We were not the easiest group to deal with trust me.

Naturally all of us were born in the same year.

#Established 1981 – yep I don’t care if you know my age.

The month of July holds two birthdays of my childhood friends and the chapter before our Naughty Forties, awaits.

#Chapter 39

I deem myself lucky as I am the literal ‘’baby’’ of the clan, since my birthday is only in November. The first birthday of the clan was celebrated last week, and another birthday will be celebrated by next week.  

This made me a bit nostalgic, because, Chapter 39 is also lurking at me, even though it is a few months away.

So I asked myself:

What advice would I give to my younger self? Or what would I do differently and why?  Allow me to share some of them with you.

  • To take up the working holiday abroad after I matriculated – Because I would have been able to see other parts of the world and broaden my horizon.
  • To play hard! – Life is too short to be serious all the time.
  • To save money abroad – so that I could fund my own tertiary education when I would have returned home.
  • To definitely study, after the gap year break and not procrastinate on my education – as time waits for no one.
  • To definitely not date exclusively – I would rather not elaborate.
  • To have children earlier in my life – You don’t want to be on early retirement when you’re last born is in high school…
  • To appreciate my mother more –Just because, life is horrible without her, most of the time.
  • To settle down and give love a fair chance, when the opportunity first arises and not wait for Alice in Wonderland.
  • To not love one person half of my life who did not reciprocate.

I have engaged with some of my friends and acquaintances and asked them the same question and this was what they had to say:

  • Build your life – but don’t forget that you have a life of your own.
  •  Make time for yourself, study, follow your passion, do not get lost in the shadow of your partner or too entangled in your kids’ lives so you eventually stop living your own.
  • Date exclusively.
  • Be prepared for your life to change. 
  • Realize that the relationship you thought you had is going to end. 
  • Do not let what is happening to you and around you paralyze you with fear.
  • To be confident – No one is better, everyone is fighting their own insecurities.
  • Don’t be afraid to be great – You were destined for it.
  • Travel and explore more.
  • Do not settle for anything that doesn’t make you the happiest you could be.
  • Your life is your precious brand – do not let anyone deteriorate it.


I hope some to these tips, you found useful and do not be afraid to reflect and ask yourself the same question.

What advice would I give to my younger self?

Food for thought.


‘’Curvy Scorpio’’


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