‘’I know the world is on fire, but keep making your art. Keep submitting. Keep applying for things. It’s the only way we’ll survive.’’ @lovecindyxo

20 Plenty hey, that was the tag line, when 2020 surfaced.

Now we have PLENTY of, you know what.

I am sticking to my conviction, as from the start of the year, something just felt extremely offish about 2020 and I was constantly in and out of doctor’s offices with funny little ailments which had a big impact on my day to day productivity.

As a ‘’feeler’’, I knew my gut was right.

And believe you me, I have had my fair share of plenty, but for that, another time.   I always get the question, how do you come up with your topics, well, umm, it is sort of tricky.

I acknowledge that my talent is God given, so I solely rely on my spirit to lead me to my next topic.  At times I have my next topic in my mind already when I submit my contribution and at times I do not have any topic, the day of submission.

It is a gamble I know.

Someone suggested once I have all my topics lined up and write about them and I tried explaining it does not work like that for me, unfortunately.

I write about what my spirit leads me to.

Right now, there is a lot that my spirit is leading me to, but I have learnt to not just pen down, I simmer with my topics and thoughts for a while.  This week, was no different, I tossed and turned deciding on a topic. The result: I am literally typing this during my lunch time, 30 minutes before submission. Until a few hours ago, I had no topic.

The beauty of art.

Anyways, I made reference to a Twitter feed at the beginning of this article. What caught me most about that post was the following: 

‘’I know the world is on fire’’.

That is so true! The world is on fire!

The moral of my story is, that I have only realized that my purpose in life is to create/write about two years ago, however, I was already in a fixed career and I misled myself to continue in this career as it brings bread to the table.

However, I realized that I simply cannot resist this no longer, because if I do not listen to my purpose, I feel much suffocated. Thus, I have started to pursue this path more vigorously. And I can tell you that it is not easy to get your foot in the door if you have no experience. 

Slowly, yet surely, a few individuals decided to give me a chance and here I am. As a nation we are so prone to wanting everything to ourselves, and not sharing the opportunities with the rest who are battling.

I am grateful to the few who have provided me with these opportunities. 

Last week, when I thought damn, why is everything happening so slowly? When will I ever get my entire foot in the door? I got a call and someone asked me, still keen for that voice over?

Guess my answer?

I went during my lunch time and I was pretty nervous as this was my second attempt at voice-overs and I finished within a few minutes and I was told, I was great.

I was so chuffed with myself.

This was definitely a milestone in my very young, inexperienced communications career.  However, I manifested this voice over gig not too long ago and then it happened. It is definitely giving me another trial of thought around manifesting.

I also realized that the moment I allowed a bit of distance between myself and people I thought had my best interest at heart,  is when the opportunities came flooding in. This made me question people’s intentions in my life once again and it is indeed a lesson learned.

So, watch out who you allow in your circle, they might just be the ones blocking all your blessings.


I want to also encourage you as Cindy did and say.


Keep On Doing Great Things!! Your breakthrough is closer than you can imagine.



‘’Curvy Scorpio’’


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