Our content creator scene is growing, more and more Namibians are giving us content we actually enjoy.

From YouTube channels, series, shows, to fun and engaging Instagram and Facebook content.

As much as we are enjoying these entries, we’ve got to do our part in helping them grow and monetise their passions. After all, they are keeping us entertained.

So here are a few ways you can support Namibian content creators:

Watch their stuff

Make an effort to watch Namibian YouTube channels in your free time. Instead of browsing through Netflix for hours, look to see if there are Namibian YouTube channels you may actually like and enjoy.


Seems simple right? Just a tap? Yes. Instead of scrolling away after watching Namibian content, like the uploads too. It goes a long way.

Supporting your favorite content creators will let them produce more of the content you love.


Subscribe to the channels you actually enjoy. Just like views, increasing their subscribers actually adds value to their channels.

With increasing competition it’s more important than ever to encourage creators producing high quality content to keep doing what they love and what they’re good at.

Share their content

Enjoy someone’s content? Then share it, talk about it, let other people know about it so they too can enjoy the content.

High user engagement is really important for content creators. Not only does sharing their work help them find bigger audiences, but it also shows potential sponsors that these creators have a dedicated audience who will watch, listen, and read sponsored content by their favorite creators.

The content scene has allowed many creators to make a full time living and start brands all over the world. Your support goes a long way, use it.

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