This week we are all reeling back from the full moon in Aries on Friday, October 1st. Frustrations in relation to our drive, our wants and needs and what is keeping us from them, these themes will be playing out for the next week. Have you been respecting your physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual boundaries? If not you are currently experiencing a form of backlash, most likely in the form of odd aches and pains in your body where you are pushing yourself. How can you build structures that support your drive without overwhelming yourself? You have a limit for a reason. We have Venus transiting Virgo so we are supported in implementing these realizations in a soft but still effective way. It is worth noting that we have a blue moon this month which means we will have TWO full moons in the month of October, one was on the 1st at 9˚ Aries and the second on 31st October at 8˚ Taurus.

This week the moon will be moving from Taurus (Monday) to Gemini (Tue-Thurs)  to Cancer (Fri-Sat) and will end the week in Leo (Sunday).

On Sunday 4th we have Pluto going direct in Capricorn, it has been retrograde (see more here) since Saturday, 25 April 2020. It was conjunct Jupiter at this time which has led to changes in our relationship with faith, a lot of us losing it as this was when we really started experiencing the repercussions of the pandemic. I feel like a lot of us will be renewing our faith in the middle of a pandemic, we will feel more in control especially now that Pluto is moving forward. However it is still in its shadow (the degrees in which it was retrograding) so the times we have lost hope since April will be highlighted however we have a chance now to  give it the ending we really want. We will be supported by Jupiter sextile Neptune, we will be encouraged to have more faith. This lovely transit will be supporting us until mid-October. Dive into your optimism and make something real with it because Pluto will stay in his shadow until 2021. Class is in session and I hope you are paying attention.

On October 6th we have Mercury moving to form an exact opposite to Uranus. I really advise that we all back up any and everything before this date because Mercury is currently in its shadow which means it about to go retrograde. We have actually been in the shadow period since September 23rd so everything happening right now will be coming up for review later. No need to panic, you have been fine until now. I will do a separate post on Mercury retrograde next week so we know what we should do, what we shouldn’t do and how to maximize those vibes. We have Mars square Pluto on the 7th-12th and I think this will be when people express their frustration over the lack of control they have been feeling. However, Venus forms a sweet trine with Uranus on the Sat the 10th which gives us a chance to find a different way to ground ourselves and make ourselves feel good and this opportunity can be used to ease our frustrations.

Sun square Jupiter from the 11th-12th. The best way to describe that energy is with the quite “your eyes will be bigger than your stomach”. Our egos will be feeling bigger than we actually are, watch out for gossip, gloating or coming off an as**le.  Considering the fact that when Pluto (Scorpio’s co-ruler) went retrograde it was forming an exact square to Mercury who is currently in his shadow phase in Scorpio, I’m thinking a lot of secrets will be exposed. I think a lot of stuff coming up now will be likely to come up for review when Pluto leaves his show in 2021. I will expand on this when I break down Mercury retrograde next week.

Please read your rising sign first, then your sun and then your moon for further context.




Happy birthday Libra! The focus is on you this month with the sun in your sign. What can you do to balance your ego? I know you can sway between being too self-involved (especially right now if this is your rising sign) or over-prioritizing other people (especially if this is your moon sign!), how can you find balance? What can you do during your season that will make you feel good while also making other people feel equally as good? I know looking good is important but feeling good is importater, okay? With your ruler planet Venus forming a positive aspect to Uranus this week you will be given room to find innovative answers to these questions.



We’re getting a taste of your season with Mercury. However, be wary. This retrograde along with Pluto going direct may result in some chaos right now but as we move forward you will be finding more structure. If this is your moon sign you will be experiencing some emotional instability as well as obsessive thoughts stemming from unaddressed emotions. This Mercury retrograde is great for asking yourself necessary questions. If your sun is in this sign, what reality checks do your ego need? What needs to change? Are you self-aware? If this is your moon sign, what emotions have been coming up? How have those thought been holding you back? I want you to be honest and give yourselves the chance to feel it. If this is your rising sign you’re going to feel the desire to go into hermit mode and I encourage it so you can take a moment to ask yourself how to improve your daily routines to raise the quality of your life overall.



You have been feeling a bit more like yourself since mid-September when Jupiter, your ruling planet went direct. However, he is still in his shadow so you need to start paying attention to what he has been teaching you. Where have you been trying your luck rather than relying on more solid qualities about yourself; your intellect, your diligence and your ability to learn from experience? I know 2020 has been intense but it’s not always that deep, you know? You are allowed to have fun! I am so proud of the personal growth many of you are undertaking, you have come a long way so please make sure you take time out to take care of your inner child or spend some quality time with your actual children. Allow yourself to recharge because you still have a long way to go, but right now? Take a minute to acknowledge how far you have come. Watch out for being too indulgent this week.


2020 has been wild for everyone, but I know it’s been feeling chaotic for so many Capricorns because you yourself have been changing. You expect change from the world and you are not one easily shook by bad news, but lately you have been feeling out of sorts with yourself and that, that has you shook. Cap risings will be experiencing emotional illumination – which is great in theory but will probably play out as misunderstandings especially since Mercury is about to go retrograde. Watch what you say and how you say it. Cap moons and suns within the first decan (first 0-10 degrees of Capricorn moon or Cap suns born between 22 December and 1st January) will be feeling the effects from the full moon the most because Chiron is currently conjuncting your personal planets while Mars is retrograde. You are being called  to heal unresolved issues with your ego (sun) and/or emotional foundation (moon).


Aqua risings have been going through it in 2020, I see you guys, keep going. If there’s one thing an Aquarius can do, it’s adapt. Aquarius sun and moons will be feeling more empowered, I encourage you guys to empower someone else, not necessarily in a big way but in small meaningful ways, you know others don’t think of the kind of solutions you do, don’t hesitate to share what you think and what you know, that too can be empowering. Your co-ruler Uranus will be opposite Mercury on the 6th which will lead to some interesting thoughts that you can implement to make yourself and others feel good (via empowerment) when Venus trines Uranus on the 10th.


You guys are usually off in your own world but this Mars square Saturn situation Pisces risings are being dragged back down to earth, re-evaluating your self worth and making the grave mistake of trying to find your answers and your value in your friends, in your hopes and in your dreams and/or in your partners. I don’t know which one of you needs to read this but you are not defined by your drive?  It doesn’t make anymore or any less valuable, you have value because you exist and nothing can change that. The rest of you Pisceans (sun and moon) will be experiencing Venus opposite your personal planets, navigate your relationships with women with much care in this next month, it is an easier time to offend than most. You will also be asking yourself if you allow your ego (sun) or your emotions (moon) to get in the way of feeling good. For Pisces sun people, there is a risk of overindulgence especially with Jupiter sextile Neptune this week, please ask yourself what you are trying to numb by only focusing on feeling good. For Pisces moons you may feel pulled between getting your needs met and expressing your love for others and because you are you, you are going to feel like you have to prioritize others. Likely relationships where you are over giving will be highlighted and Pisces moon, we just aren’t doing that, the Aries moon is telling you to stand up for yourself, Mars square Saturn is telling us to conserve our energy! Why do you insist on giving to those who only deplete you?
Please reflect.


I know you guys have been feeling a little more down, a little less shiny and just generally demotivated since Mars went retrograde. Sun, moon, rising, I know. The sun in Libra opposing your sun/moon/rising isn’t helping much either, trust me guys, I know. You’re being given a chance to really look within at who you are without your aggression. What do you need Aries? How can you work with others to get what you need? How have you tried to control other and why was that bad
(yes baby, it was/is bad.)

Aries, are you really letting those who love you be there for you? They can’t help you if they think you are strong and tough. Your relationships can experience a lot of growth if you just let yourself be vulnerable. You’d be surprised by how people show up for you if you let them. Your ego is supposed to serve you, not suffocate you.


I urge Taurus risings to take it slow for the next 2 weeks. A full moon in the 12th house calls for rest, reflection and self-awareness. With the sun in a sign ruled by your planet you are being asked to look beyond your body, beyond what physically, where are you really, mentally? You’re going to be exploring that, not just this week but this month, by the 31st  . Taurus moons, yes you know how to have your physical needs met but what about your other needs? The spiritual and mental needs? Venus trine Uranus supports you finding innovative ways to meet those needs and this will be a theme for the upcoming month so p;ay attention. You will be learning a lot about yourself.

Taurus suns will be exploring these same themes but will have an easier time implementing them as long as they are paying attention to what comes up as the moon moves through your sign on Monday.


Gemini risings’ social life, hopes and dreams and friendships are being highlighted at this time due to the full moon. With the moon now waning those with Gemini suns and moons will be shedding some skin most likely these Gemini placements will be aware of ways they have disempowered themselves, perhaps because of the pandemic, maybe because the people around them have felt they were doing too much. Well with Mercury your ruling planet opposing Uranus any part of you that has felt you need to hold back is going to come up, in ways even you may not be able to predict. With Mercury in his shadow in Scorpio you are given the opportunity to dig deeper into who are, into what you want. You have already been doing this work as prompted by the Venus retrograde in June, you did it on the outside but now I prompt you to look deeper, who are you when others aren’t around?  What do you want? How can you empower yourself? Don’t get to attached to labels, you will thrive this week if you into who you are and how you feel. The moon will be supporting you  mid-week when it’s in your sign, you may notice some things about yourself that you don’t like or care for but I prompt you to introspect and either accept what comes up or make a point to change it. It is likely that the things coming up will be the themes of your Mercury retrograde experience.


Cancer risings are experiencing this moon in the 10th house so essentially there will be 2 things on your mind; your relationships with authority and getting in your bag. Cancer suns will be able to best align their wants and needs on the 9th and the 10th while Cancer moons will experiencing their lunar returns. For Cancer moons the themes coming up over the weekend will be the themes that come up for the next 28 so pay attention. 

I think all Cancer placements should be gentle with themselves this week, I feel like the full moon may have felt a little overwhelming for you guys. I think you guys are becoming aware of the ways you hold yourself back, especially when you fail to prioritize yourself and your needs. I think many of yourselves will find more balanced ways to step in your power when the moon moves through your sign.


The sun is sextile your sun/moon/rising so stunt babies, let the crisp Libra air allow your flame to grow but don’t let the winds of change blow you out either! Virgo season grounded you guys and knowing you guys, you got your work done and Venus transiting your sign has been breath of fresh air for all of you, sun, moon and rising. So now ask yourselves how to treat yourselves but practically since Venus is in Virgo, where do you overindulge and how can you find balance there? Leo risings, what can you do to invest in yourselves? You know how to get the bag, but do you put some of the cash into your savings account? Leo moons, how can you honour your ego while still meeting your needs? How can you be present for yourself while still also investing in others? Leo suns, are you doing too much? Are you putting too much work on your plate? Yes, you are capable, but do you need to do it ALL, right NOW? Does it need to be done or is it about your ego and why does your
work ethic have to dictate your worth?


I know I left us until last but we just had our time to shine! Also we are lowkey still shining with Venus transiting Virgo. We’ll be feeling pretty! I know Virgo is practical at heart but it’s Libra season so it’s time to learn the value of beauty, harmony and balance. So, I encourage you (Virgo risings, moons and suns) to treat yourself, Venusian style! Whether that’s a mani-pedi or letting yourself off the hook for unintentional mistakes, do what you need to do to feel good because honestly, how efficient can you be, feeling terrible? Doubting yourself? Is that really the energy you want to put into your work?  Please get it together, you also deserve nice things. If this is your moon sign I especially emphasize self-care, the nice fun kind! If this is your rising you need to bring more harmony and balance into how you communicate with others, what you say and what you don’t say will be coming up for review with Mercury in his shadow, please note that this is a terrible time for you to tell any lies, they are likely to be exposed. Virgo suns, if you need to schedule some down time specifically for self care may I recommend the weekend while the sun is in Cancer.

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