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Compare fast fashion with the internet and what do you get? A total fashion game changer!

Even though the use of online shopping is nothing new, I am seeing more and more shops, like Flutterby Jewellery pop up on Instagram. So it was not at all a surprise when the following question popped into my head:

Is it time to finally say goodbye to shopping malls?

Growing up in a small town, we did not have access to many clothing stores. Up until the age of 15 we only had one clothing store in town. When I moved to Cape Town I was in heaven with all the shopping malls around me. Now that I have lived there for a few years, the magic of going to a shopping mall has faded. All the cues and people and noises distract me from my actual goal: GETTING THE PERFECT OUTFIT.

Then came online shopping.

Being able to shop clothes and accessories online has changed the way I feel and think about clothes tremendously. One of the first Namibian Instagram store I stumbled across is an espadrilles store called Suelo. This is probably one of my favourite online stores in Namibia at the moment.

There is a certain age group linked to both online shopping and in-store shopping. According to statics on my personal Instagram account, my follower demographic is mostly aged between 18 – 25. Millennials are the future. But what does this mean for the physical store? Will it become irrelevant?

One thing is certain, times are changing. Even though I love browsing the web for inspiration, I cannot help to still feel nostalgic about an all-day shopping-mall spree.

If you choose to embrace online shopping, there are certain things you need to look out for:
1. Shipping
Before you start adding items to your cart, make sure that the site you are ordering from ships or delivers to your country or town. Most big retailers ship internationally, but the smaller boutique stores are more limited when it comes to shipping. There are fees linked to shipping. Some stores have a minimun amount you need to spend in order to get free shipping. Always read the fine print regarding these fees.
2. Sizing
Many items from smaller local online stores stock only one or two pieces per size. Make sure to check the availability of your size before you set your heart on a piece. A sizing table can be used to ensure that you order the correct size. The size and fit of clothes from international retailers may vary.
3. Mindset
With so many items available at once, one can easily overspend. If you are on a budget, make sure that you keep to it. It is so easy to fall in to the “but-one-more-item-would-not-hurt” trap. A great tip for ensuring this does not happen is to first take a screenshot of the items you want to buy. Go through the images and reduce it to the three items you want the most. Decide if it is in your budget and then buy.


Do you shop online? What are some of your favourite online outlets?

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