This week starts off with an aspect from last week square Saturn which will shadow us all week. This is because even though Mercury moves fast so transits are usually fast however this week (Tue, 3) Mercury finally goes direct (yay!) which means this aspect will be repeating itself. Last week both Mercury and Saturn were in retrograde which means this stressful and frustrating aspect was more internalized however now that Mercury is direct we can communicate these frustrations. Expect projects that have delayed in the last 3 weeks to have some fresh energy, enough to bring it back to life, suddenly and promptly however, be wary because Mercury is still in his shadow which means there is still a tinge of chaos in the air. But, on the other side of the full moon we are in a better position to pick up what we struggled with last week.

Otherwise this week is relatively chilled, at least astrologically speaking.  If we want to finish the year off strong now is the time to put our all into it. The only question I guess is what “it” is. We are building up to a Jupiter-Pluto conjunct so we have the chance to manifest what we want but we need to really think about it, not all that glitters is gold and everything comes at a price. This aspect will be exact next week.

The moon will be in Taurus on Monday (2) morning, it’s going to be a bit difficult but when we get into the flow of things we are able to get a lot of work done as long as we pay attention. Mercury is moving slowly as its stations to stop so it’s really easy to pay attention. By noon the moon will move into erratic and unpredictable Gemini and we will be picking up our pace.

On Tuesday (3) the moon will be in Gemini all day making a positive aspect to Venus, we can meet our emotional meets through our loved ones.

On Wednesday (4) the moon will still be in Gemini and will only move into homely Cancer late in the evening.

On Thursday (5) the moon will stay in Cancer all day getting us in our feelings and will form a positive aspect to the sun, allowing us to dig deep.

On Friday (6) the moon will still be in Cancer. I advise staying home this weekend and connecting with loved ones who nurture you.

On Sat (7) the moon moves into Leo around 9 am where it will stay until Monday. It’s a great weekend to have brunch/dinner solo, spend some time with your friend or lover or even to run some errands.


 Live and learn, Scorpio, that is all you can ask of yourself.

A new life lesson can emerge from a bad event or wound that you endured long ago. So, look back at the things which have been most challenging in your life, not to dwell on the sadness or loss, but to reframe them and take out a new learning or insight. Everything looks different in time. We gain a new perspective when we’ve got enough distance, and you’re ready to look back at this, and see it now.

This new insight or life lesson will be a powerful force for change (for the better) in your life. It will reinject you with purpose, and help you make progress and move forward with your plans.



Expect some surprises this week, Sagittarius, and for things you thought were done with to re-emerge, and maybe vice versa too. Do know, however, that it’ll all turn out for the best, so don’t suppress or deny your disappointments. Take them with good grace, and look ahead to the next opportunity, because it won’t be far ahead. Anything you feel isn’t working, or that you’re let down over, you just have to release. Don’t cling to the old, it needs to go to make way for something better, which is certainly going to come your way in the form of unexpected invitations, exciting opportunities and openings. Make sure your channels of communication are all open and primed for business this week, and that you’re ready to say YES to whatever comes your way, but think it through. Not because you lack the skill or faith but because there may details that need to be tended to.

Even better, get out there and start the ball rolling, make things happen. Anything is possible this week.


What do you want from a relationship? Whether you’re single or attached, it’s a valid and interesting question to think about. I think things are changing with you, and you could do with re-examining your needs. You can see more options and types of connection than you perhaps once did. You are open to something different. Passion and intensity and bonding are more important than ever, and maybe more important than even you realize. You have always invested a lot of energy into work and earning money (and spending it), but this year is making you (sub consciously, up to now) review that behavior. Did you ever get that much satisfaction from money? Can your colleagues really emotionally support you? Understanding your changing needs in love will help you get what you want. Put time into articulating and describing your ideal relationship and expressing yourself.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.



You’re worrying about your next move, your long-term plans, your future as it stands. I see you with one foot in the past / present, reluctant to make changes and fearing the risks or possible outcomes of doing so. You’re keeping much of this angst to yourself, which means it’s only building up and up. You need to release and express these concerns. Saying them out loud will make most of them evaporate, because they’ve just gotten out of proportion in your own mind. All of this internal turmoil is because a cycle in your life is drawing to a natural close, but you don’t yet have the masterplan ready for the next chapter.

That’s okay. Relax. Endings are always followed by beginnings, it’s the natural cycle, and you don’t need to have everything ready to go. Let this process evolve and unfold at its own pace and talk through how you’re feeling as you go.

You are putting too much pressure on yourself right now. Let life just carry you forwards.



If you want to get what it is that you desire, you’re going to have to stick up for yourself, and maybe even fend off other rivals or nay-sayers. This tension surrounding something you wish to begin, embark on or achieve. Not everyone agrees with your plans, or maybe there are others who want the same thing and see you as competition. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, my friend, and sometimes you just have to sharpen your elbows and muscle your way in. Even though a forceful attitude is necessary, you mustn’t play dirty or break the rules or trip anyone else up. Just focus on your own pathway and invest all of your energy into furthering your own efforts. I think this is difficult for you, it’s not naturally part of your nature to compete or fight. This is a good test. Play hard but not dirty.



Your closest (romantic probably) relationship is under the spotlight this week, Aries. There has been discord, and there is further conflict to come. This stress and tension are a symptom of something underneath, a root cause you have yet to identify and tackle. And, until you do, this issue will keep on repeating. We don’t really learn from our success; we learn from overcoming our failures or problems. This presents the perfect opportunity to do just that. Find the triggers and root causes, and talk about them, get to the bottom of this and resolve or address whatever is causing it. You can, and you will, and things will be better than ever afterwards.


Taurus, life is short. We are here for a good time, not a long time, so don’t waste any more time being miserable or torturing yourself. It’s time to make hay, even if the sun isn’t shining. Choose to be positive. Choose to make the best of the cards you’ve been dealt and indulge in lots of self-care and treats along the way. Prioritize enjoying yourself.  Recognize the things you can and cannot change in your life. Not everything that we face CAN be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. Look your issues in the eye and know what they’re all about. See things right down to the bottom, and assign a label to them: ‘solvable, action needed’, ‘unsure, wait and see’, or ‘out of my control, prepare for whatever might unfold’.

Get a handle on what’s bothering you. Categorize your issues. Stop worrying so much. Do what has to be done. Let the rest go. Have as much fun as you can in the meantime.



This week seems to be ushering sudden change for you. However, whatever collapses is something has run its course and was overdue an ending. How hard you find dealing with this energy depends on how hard you’re going to cling to that which you need to release. Much of this is hurt pride, really, and you are capable of making this easier, or harder, depending on your attitude and how you “frame” this narrative in your own mind. Don’t necessarily open up to everyone about what’s going on. Not that you would anyway- Geminis keep their business private, by and large, especially the things they find difficult or painful. Get the facts, release what’s fading or gone, and find the life lesson and wisdoms from this. See it as a momentary droplet in the ocean of your life, and know that you’ll move ahead stronger, wiser and better. This too shall pass.


You need a “mental vacation” from something you’ve been ruminating on, and even torturing yourself about, in your own head. There is a potential burn-out and psychological stress, created by overthinking. You need to consciously and overtly recognize when and where and how this is happening and put measures in place to distract and soothe yourself. Simple pleasures. Walking in sun, evening-long bath-time rituals, pampering, getting into the back catalogue of your favorite author and immersing in a different world for a while, downloading a new meditation app. Whatever makes you calm and relaxed. You need this, and you need this now. Be your own counsellor, BFF, and supporter, and give yourself a “time out” to focus on your emotional wellbeing. Stop overthinking. Start taking good care of your mind, body and spirit.



Your natural instinct, in a conflict, is to stand and fight, to stick up for yourself, to bite back, to adopt an “eye for an eye” approach. However, whatever unfair or unkind situation you’re facing right now, please know that this is not the best option. Your usual instincts need tempering. Whatever you automatically want to do… sit on it a while, and think of something different. Don’t fight, scrap, sink to their level, take shots. Do ask questions, get the facts, pause before responding, relax, and focus on what you can do to help yourself here (instead of hindering them). You ARE in the right, and, in time, this will all come out in the wash. Don’t muddy those waters by doing anything shady now, because that too would be revealed, and your prized moral high ground would be lost. Look after your side of the street, and let karma sort out the rest.



You are considering ‘rethinking, reskilling and rebooting’. This is likely linked to your career, how you make money, or even just how you spend your time and energy. Education and studying could be in the picture, perhaps this window of opportunity presents the chance to train in something completely different, or to add a useful skill to your existing area of expertise. Perhaps you just want to learn something for fun and stimulation. The key thing here is to do your research. The moon this week shows that you don’t yet know everything you need to know, and digging around, asking questions, and finding out what your options are is very important. Don’t assume anything. There are avenues and potential courses and openings that exist which are outside of your current knowledge. Research, persist, form a plan, and embark on this adventure with high hopes.


If you look at your issues with a different lens, you will spot different solutions and ways forward. So, stop going over things in the same way in your mind, it’s a repetitive loop that doesn’t lead you anywhere. You need to force new connections and analysis, bring in new opinion, seek different stimulus. Pretend you were someone else and think about what they might say. Action will come from this exercise. Everything starts within, in the brain, so focus initially on getting yours into a different gear. There is potential for a big mind-set shift this week. A new outlook. A change of heart. A different set of priorities. All of this will help you to navigate your next steps much, much easier and with greater success.


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