As an aspiring content creator, there are many things that can be helpful for you to kick start your journey.

Here are 4 essentials we think you will need, featuring some cool items from Mons Gadgets Namibia.

1. A good notebook

You will need to jot down all your ideas, you will need to plan out and strategize your content. So grab a notebook and start writing!

2. Camera or Phone

Whether you are blogging or vlogging, you will need a camera or a phone to capture your images and videos. Start where you can and grow from there.

3. Tripod

Tripods can be so useful for taking images or videos. Especially when there’s no one to shoot content of you and you don’t have the funds to pay a professional photographer or videographer. They are pretty inexpensive and can help with making all different types of content. For Instagram content, they can help you get a sturdy photo. For YouTube videos, you can get a great sturdy shot, and for blog posts, you can get good photos!

Here’s a cool one from Mons Gadgets:

Rock Tripod hand-held selfie stick combines a monopod and a tripod. Let it be used not only as a selfie stick but also as a mini tripod, a desktop tripod.   Click here to shop.

4. Light

To get even better shots you may need to invest in some light.

Mons Gadgets has a range of ring-lights and studio lights you can purchase to help you get the best content. They have sizes 10inch to 18inches. Shop here.

5. Mic

Not always necessary but very useful. You will need it at some point if not at the start of your journey. They help create quality audio for your videos.

Mons Gadgets has a few options, see here. 

The BOYA BY-MM1 is a cardioid microphone, which specially design to improve the sound quality of videos on the basis of build-in microphones. With both TRS cable and TRRS output cable included, it can be used on Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, and other audio/video recording devices.

Mons Gadgets has a Black Friday Sale running until December 30th.

Visit their online store to shop or visit them in Maerua Mall.

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