Astrologically speaking, this is a pretty chilled week. I say this because January is going to take us for a ride. I need you ALL to savor that before Mars moves through his very last degrees of Aries. Mars has been in Aries for SIX months because he went retrograde (backwards) in that sign. The last degrees are going to bring up the themes that have perpetually been coming up for the last 6 months, most likely the thing that’s been pissing you off yet somehow this thing is a deeply sensitive topic for you.  Saturn and Jupiter remain in their conjunction on the 29th with just an orb of 1 degree, if you have been feeling sluggish and tired lately this will be passing as Jupiter moves ahead of Saturn this week and with the moon moving from Gemini into Cancer at 12:29 am which will feel a lot like being jumpstarted, but with emotions. The moon is building up to a full moon in Cancer on 30th December.

Personally, I’m quite excited for this full moon because it will be the first Cancer moon in almost 3 years that isn’t aspected by Saturn and we will all be feeling this shift. There have been eclipses occurring on the Capricorn-Cancer axis for 2 years (2018-2020) and this has forced us all to evaluate our home lives and our work lives with Saturn in Capricorn in the background making sure we do the work. The lessons have been learnt and we will be integrating so we will be feeling lighter than before during Cancer moon transits in 2021. This full moon we will be feeling soft, not in the sense that we are fragile, but in the sense that we accept that we are human and that is our strength. This is a great day to cry for no reason, purge and let it all out and after that spend some quality to time with those we love. If that’s not what you are up for then spending some quality time with your bed is just as good.  It’s been a long year, you deserve it!

This full moon is at 8˚53” Cancer so anybody with planets within 7 degrees (1˚-16˚) will feel the effects of this moon for the next 6 months. Full moons indicate endings which is just another way of spelling “beginnings”. I think many of us will spend the last days of the year mourning, who we have lost (may all those we have lost in 2020 rest in peace), what we have lost and generally the lives we lived before COVID. This is necessary for us to step into our power in the new decade which technically only starts in 2021.

On 30th December Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. Venus rules conditional love and Neptune rules unconditional love so there will be a clash between the 2 concepts, most likely in ways we are not expecting. This aspect can shatter illusions we have about those we love which may also be ourselves. On 1st January Mercury in Capricorn will sextile Neptune in Pisces. We will be able to critically look at our dreams (Neptune) and be able to articulate (Mercury) them. I know many of us are pessimistic after experiencing 2020 but this aspect is actually perfect for new year resolutions.

Allow the Piscean energy to water you into dreaming.

On 5th January Mercury in Capricorn will conjunct Pluto who is also in Capricorn. This is a great day to start implementing those new year resolutions you wrote down on the 1st, you will be feeling empowered. I highly suspect that this day is going to set the tone for the year ahead. Beware the power of the tongue on this day, Mercury rules communication and Pluto power. Watch what you say and don’t talk out of the side of your neck, I strongly do not recommend it especially not with Mars in Aries.

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 The full moon in your opposite sign will be highlighting feelings pertaining to your egos, sense of self and how you relate to others, intimately (intimately ≠ sexually btw!).

Let the emotions wash over you and go with the flow, this full moon is going to feel quite supportive. You may be feeling soft this week, that’s fine because you’re supposed to be focusing on yourself anyway.



The spotlight is on your sign and you can feel it. Of all the signs you are feeling the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction because it is in your sign. I suggest being audacious in making New Year’s resolutions BUT- I need you to have some kind of idea of how you will accomplish what you would like. This is a great week to introspect on ways you can be more responsible for yourself so you can utilize your resources to the best of your ability. Remember, you are your greatest resource. Many emotions will be coming up because the moon will sextile your co-ruler, Uranus and this will likely manifest as discomfort towards your desires. You need to be honest with yourself so you can get what you need and want.



Pisces risings will be experiencing fatigue, confusion, blockages etc. The energy is going to be feeling weird because Jupiter and Saturn are transiting the part of your chart that deals with your subconscious, a lot of the things before your eyes have already been playing out on the spiritual plane. So, if you want to address it, start by addressing with what’s happening on the inside. The other Pisceans will see this manifesting in their relationships (this includes your relationship with yourself), are you being honest about what you want and need? Are you being bold in those pursuits? You should be.




I can feel all the way from here that you guys are ready to move! BUT I need you to have some kind of plan before you do! You’re going to feel on edge more than usual as Mars wraps his time up in your sign. Chiron is transiting your sign so a lot of your soft spots are being highlighted, some have been highlighted aggressively because of Mars’ influence and those things will be highlighted in an emotional way with the full moon because it will square Chiron, the wounded healer. You have a real chance to heal some pretty deep wounds if you tap in. You can put it off but Chiron is transiting your sign for 6 more years so…


Your ruling planet will be opposing Neptune which can bring up the illusions you have been surrounding yourself with, most likely the ways you have been getting in your own way will come up. The full moon will sextile Uranus which is in your sign so this can assist you in finding unconventional ways to address your shattered illusions.


Your ruling planet Mercury is moving through Capricorn which will support you in being practical. Bleh, I know you want fun but set yourself up with this energy, take note of what came up in December because these themes will be popping up for the next 6 months.

This is the best time to plan your year ahead, our homie Mercury is back on his bull next week. I know you guys thrive in chaos, but please just a small small plan before the chaos begins again.



A full moon in your sign, not aspecting Saturn? Yes please! This full moon should be refreshing for you guys and I’m so excited for you, you will be feeling more like yourself than you have in a while, step into your power Cancer!



Your ruling planet, the Sun who is now in Capricorn, will be opposing the full moon in Cancer which will be highlighting the pull you feel when it comes to your work life vs your home life. I think you guys need to take some time out to figure out how to nurture your home life in a way that allows you to excel at work. What do you need Leo? How can you better take care of yourself? That’s an important question to answer because the more you meet your needs, the more room you have for others and for your professional life.



The sun and Mercury (our ruling planet) moving through Capricorn will be feeling supportive this week, we can get a lot done if we get to it. I don’t have much to say to us except “plan”. The full moon in Cancer will allow us to plan in a way that waters us and our projects, if we let it.




Your ruling planet, Venus who is currently in Sagittarius, will be opposing Neptune in Pisces. Libras can be so giving to keep the peace but sometimes are you too giving? Do you compromise yourself too much for the sake of the peace? Choosing to keep the peace with those around you can lead up to conflict WITHIN you. The moon in Cancer will be highlighting this as it squares Chiron who is opposite your personal planets, you do know that you deserve to feel good without compromising yourself, right?

No? You’re going to learn this year and lessons start this week.




Like with the Virgos, I don’t have much to say to you guys either. This is a chilled time, enjoy it. If you are feeling on edge, it’s because Mars is gearing up to leave Aries. Otherwise? This is a chilled week. You will feel supported by the Cancer full moon because it is a water sign like yourself, nurture yourself. Trust me, this is the time, do not delay because you might not get time this month.



Venus, who is in your sign, will be squaring off with Neptune in Pisces. This is big fire and ice energy, where have you been dishonest with yourself about what you want and what you need? Are you giving other people too much? Have you been too selfish, forgetting to consider what other people may need? This full moon may be quite emotional for you, take some time out for yourself to answer these questions.

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