With the autumn breeze slowing blowing in, it is time to switch your nails up. From retro designs to deep dark shades here are a few nail inspirations for the upcoming cooler season.

Author: Uzembua Ndjoze 

1. Retro designs

Nostalgia has been big these past few seasons and it is no different when it comes to nail art however, to switch up this Autumn, go dark by ditching the pastels and use deeper shades as your contrasting colour.

Nails by @tema_touchedit


2. Green with envy

From earthy greens to emerald, darker shades of green will be all the range this coming autumn. So here is your green light to go green.

Nails by @Nailsbybrianna
Source: Pinterest

3. Multi coloured nails

Why only have one shade when you can them all? The trick here is to pick one colour then have different shades of that colour on each nail. It might seem frightening but when done right it is absolutely  beautiful.

Nails by by @Nailsbybrianna

4. Animal print

Jungle fever is well and booming from zebra print to crocodile skin.

Nails by @houseofbeautyglam

5. Browns

Now this is one no surprise, everyone seems to be having a bit of chocolate craving this year. From deep mahogany to cinnamon, brown is always a good idea.

Nails by @houseofbeautyglam

There you have it, 5 great ideas for your next nail set. Check out the featured nail techs on Instagram and
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