The pandemic showed us how much we rely on entertainment. We rely on creators and artists to help us escape reality. This column will feature all the things we are loving in pop culture, Namibian and international.

Check out our first list of things we think you should check out too.

Bars and Poetry by Didi Reloaded

Bars and Poetry is a music series that features Namibian artists. Standing against colorful backgrounds with just a mic and doing what they do best, Bars and Poetry allows us to discover and enjoy Namibian music.

Created and executed by talented cinematographer &  film director, Didi Reloaded.

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DJ Dreas releases new work

International DJ, producer and creator released a new EP titled DAYSBEFOREULTRA.

The tracklist looks like:

ON MY MIND (feat Sezou)
DTMG (feat Imms Nicolau)

The EP feature great sounds, beats, vocals and overall good vibes.  Give it a listen here.


Exciting news and travel content from the Twinfluencers

Influencer Twins Lisette and Liselle dropped the cutest baby announcement video on Instagram Reels this past week. Set on the prettiest beach and location as they kick off another year of travel content. Safe to say we are binging their stories and super excited about the baby news. We can’t wait for the YouTube videos.

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