The appearance of a look is nothing without an accessory. Although accessories tend to come in a variety and different forms, I am currently styling the fascinator as a head piece accessory.

Introducing the works of @sheenshands, this fascinator screams elegance, royalty, beauty, sophistication and glamour.

This delicate sovereign gives me a piercing stare of divine confidence, mystery, outstanding luxury and a simple but not basic look.

Although this piece is usually preferred to be worn in a much formal setting or occasion dressing it down such as pairing it with this 2 piece from The Studio also works beautifully. Its earthy brown color and pop of warmth, soft yellow shinning right at you allows for easy styling.

@Sheenhands is a Namibian self-taught head peace designer based in Windhoek that hand-makes her fascinators coming in a variety and style. A few of her works are available at The Studio. 

Check out her page on Instagram.

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