By Sevelinus Kalembela

When winter approaches, the art of layering becomes a go to move to protect yourself from the cold. Layering clothes allows you to take a risk in fashion, putting pieces that don’t match together. Make sure that you wear three layers during winter, they  are cosy and comfortable. All three elements of your outfit need to visible to create a stylish look.

Keep reading to find out stylish ways to layer clothes for winter.


Balance and proportions are important when it comes to layering, don’t clutter your body with too much clothing, you don’t want to look bulk, the goal is to achieve a light silhouette while keeping warm. If you want to wear oversized pants, maxi skirts or dresses keep your upper body part narrow by wearing tight-fitted tops, cropped jackets, sweaters or jerseys to achieve a balanced look. If you want to wear cropped jerseys and jackets make sure the under garments are not seen to create a seamless look. If you want to rock a loose-fitted outfit the trick is to wear neutral colours.


It’s important to wear different fabrics when layering, wearing the same fabric from head to toe makes your outfit simple and  boring. Make your outfits interesting by layering  different fabrics. Try matching rough with smooth fabrics, light with dark fabric and soft with solid fabric. Pair knitwear with silk, denim or cotton and mix large open fabric with tight materials.


If you want to wear neutral colour, you can break the look by putting on an item with a bold colour,  mixing different colour palettes makes you look  daring and unique. Don’t be afraid to incorporate pink, orange, red and yellow to your outfits.  If you want to look dashing during winter,  try wearing different patterns when layering. Pair black with white, navy and cream, brown with beige, purple with yellow and green with yellow, or you could include black in all your outfits, blending the right colours together can make your outfits look sophisticated. 


Oversized clothes are effortlessly comfortable, the way they hang off your body makes you look cool and chic. Wearing oversized jackets, coats and blazers allows more room to double on knitwear and jerseys. When layering, add one piece of oversized clothing  to your outfit, it takes your outfit from BLAH to exciting and adds some air of sophistication to your outfits.

Investing in quality pieces and choosing the right fabrics is key in creating fashionable outfits when layering.


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