This Saturday, 1July 2017, is going to be a fashion ball, as we crown Miss Namibia 2017.

It’s all about elegance, it’s all about looking bold, regal, sexy yet sophisticated. Everyone  should come out to slay.

This is one of the most glamorous nights of the entire year. You must attend. Gentlemen have made it their business to rock up in tuxedos, but I also want to see woman rock tuxedos/suits on the carpet as seen on runways of fashion shows and award ceremonies around the world.

I long for haute couture, stellar gowns and bejewelled garments paired with sleek pony tails or a great hair up do.

Psst… there will be a red carpet so whatever you do, make sure your outfit is one for the books. Picture worthy.

Another very important tip, whatever you’re going to wear, wear it confidently. There’s nothing more fashion forward than a slaynista that wears confidence. Oh and gentlemen, come with the full armour of dapperness but make sure the woman next to you looks great( she is your Miss Namibia), let her shine.

Now from my beauty desk… Ladies I know it’s winter; exfoliate and hydrate your skin. As a matter of fact makeup fits like a glove on hydrated skin. Allow that radiant glow in your face to mesmerise us. You can never go wrong with a soft glam face beat, add vibrancy to the eye and you’re good to go. Full face make up looks are always great with a great outfit, doesn’t matter the occasion. Smokey eyes for a red carpet event will never go out of style. Pair it with red lips or just a cute luscious lip gloss.

We all know winter is the season to top up on warm clothes and warm coloured tones- Do the same with your lipstick(s). Dark lips, glossy or matte always do the most and it adds a bit of mystery to the face.

Tip: To perfect your lipstick line, apply a liner after you applied your lipstick. The point will give you more control over the edge and shape of your lips.

No makeup or next to nothing makeup does wonders for people who love minimalistic looks.  Always remember the bright lights  on the red carpet.  Light makes you shine.  Ask your go to makeup artist to give you a matte finish face beat or if you like radiance and glow like me, tag a long blotting paper or some translucent/pressed powder and apply it before you strike a pose to tear that red carpet apart.

Remember: Bring your clutch and an additional bag for all the crowns you’re going to snatch, see you Saturday.


-Aeron-Jay Gertse

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En route to Miss Namibia 2017

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