We have missed our My Mono Look Book series! Happy to say we are back with a new entry. This time a gentleman! Whoop whoop.

Brian Benza is  a 2nd year mining engineering student at NUST,  a fashion blogger, a stylist, a creative.

He’ll be curating a look book for us this week. Check out today’s look!

I really used to hate Mondays, until Fashion saved me of course . Now it’s one of the days I actually look forward to, why? Because I get to “ dress away “ my Monday blues. Nothing is as therapeutic and refreshing as a great outfit on a dull day especially one that’s going to be filled with boring lectures.

Remember that excitement you’d get as a child when you bought a new toy car that has been shown on countless ads in between your favorite cartoon. The impatience to show it off !

That’s how I feel , except this time around it’s not about showing off but instead satisfying my desire to finally wear my new OFF-WHITE Tee and INDUSTRIAL BELT by Virgil Abloh. Took a whole month to arrive since USPS seem to take their time in delivering shipments. Nonetheless, I guess it’s true that patience really does pay!


I decided to go with these cargo pants today  since they have been my favorite of late , they bring a little throwback with their bagginess which compliments the whole fit. Making it solely high end streetwear inspired. It can’t be skinny jeans and ripped jeans every day, come on. How would you feel having the same meal for dinner every day.

Most people try to understand why I have a 200m belt around my waste and a zip tie attached to my Jordans shoe laces , but whenever they ask , I simply say “It’s OFF-WHITE” boss .

Why have a blue Monday if you can dress it away with a crisp white pair of Jordan 4 Pure Moneys, no pun intended. Lol

[ DRIPSET ] is the name of my fashion blog and street-wear movement that has started producing several pieces for sale. I’d call myself a designer but I feel like it’s too shallow of a word.

Raf Simons is my idol.

Personal Instagram @brianjnrbenza

[ DRIPSET ] Instagram @dripset_inc

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