Purging your closet can be exciting yet stressful at the same time and knowing where to start can be very tricky. Lucky enough, we have you covered.

Here are 5 tips on how to purge your closet and love it again:

1. Find a perfect day

The very first step to purging your closet is to find the perfect day when you have no schedules because cleaning takes time and we do not want a hot mess in the end.

Throw on some comfy clothes, a lit playlist is needed and you are ready to clean!


2. Find your style

It is very important for you to find your style before cleaning your closet. This will make the whole entire cleaning process faster because you have an idea of how you want your closet to look like. Seek for inspiration on social media sites such as Pinterest.


3. Categorize your clothes

Put the clothes you want to get rid of on one side, seasonal clothes on the other, etc. Ask yourself questions like: Will I wear this in the next 3-6 months? Do I really need this?

Although we are in spring, it is important to keep at least one or two sweaters and or a jacket- just for those chilly days, you know?

4. Put the clothes you love back in your closet

Put back everything that you have decided you need and love according to your personal style. This can be very hard but it is beneficial as well. You will be happier than before.

You’ll free up space for new, better things.


5. Go Shopping

The last step is a never-ending task. Always keep a notebook or document on your phone to note down any clothing piece when inspiration strikes, and then when you go shopping, you can shop deliberately. Shop for items to complete your closet and consider your lifestyle.

Don’t know what to do with the other clothes? Simple. Donate to the less fortunate. 🙂

“The SAVE-A-LIFE” project is a body whose main priority is to cater and aid the less fortunate.

I simply started the drive to form a cohesive environment and spread the spirit of giving. – Anna S.

She’ll be collecting clothes and/or other items to make care packages for orphanage homes and informal settlements around Windhoek.

Anna will be doing a “send-location/pick-up” between the 23rd and 30th of October where people can send her their locations and she’ll personally collect the donations. This will also be posted on her social media platforms.

For donations, contact Anna:

Cell: 081 3542 843

Twitter: @a_shiweda 

Instagram: a.p.shiweda

E-mail: annashiwedap@gmail.com

Let us see your closet! Tweet us.

–  Rejoice Amutenya  @joyyycie / @monochromemag 


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