The dictionary defines the term “metrosexual” as an urban man who enjoys shopping, fashion, and similar interests traditionally associated with women or homosexual men.

Mark Thompson once wrote “Metrosexual man. The single young man with a high disposal income, living or working in the city (because that’s where all the best shops are) is perhaps the most promising consumer market of the decade.”

It’s acceptable for a guy to be fashionable and always prefer to look good without people questioning his sexuality. Much to popular belief, metrosexual men have nothing to do with sexuality.

We had the chance to sit and chat with your favourite, Reginaldo Mar to find out more about his style and to help us define the “metrosexual” man. 

There are 6 things that best describe Reginaldo. Extrovert, Outgoing, easy going, funny, humble and down to earth.


How would you describe your style?

My style? I think it’s diverse, easy, bold and effortless. I believe style to be an expression of personality and character and at what stage we are living, I’m a born creative so style is a medium of expression.


Where’s your favourite spot to shop?

95% of my clothes are marked down items from Zara and H&M but I really love flea markets. They are filled with hidden treasures.


What’s your skin care routine?

Struggling in that department. I’m not consistent because I’m very impatient, but lately I’ve stumbled across coconut oil and shea butter. I always make sure that my moisturizer has sunscreen because our dry weather and sun aren’t forgiving.


On a scale of 1-10 how important is how you look to you?

I would give it a solid 7. I believe that the ultimate is confidence and how comfortable you are in your skin and who you are. And I guess I can’t argue with the fact that I’ve been blessed with a good silhouette which kind of makes it easy for me.


How would you define metro sexuality?

When asked that question, I quickly ran to the dictionary and yet it was hard for me to answer because I like to look at things at a macroscopic level. What initially came to mind when I was asked to define what a metrosexual is, I thought of a guy that looks after the way he looks but then again, I thought of the dynamics of boxing a metrosexual is a bit more complicated as you would find guys that are concerned with always having a clean haircut and beard shave but are not really concerned with what they wear as long as it conforms to societies accepted norms, another who is concerned with the skin care, nails and eyebrows being plucked yet what they wear doesn’t matter and a man who are practically walking vogue yet chew their nails. But after thinking of it, I thinking a metrosexual is an urban guy that cares more about his appearance in comparison to those that just consider the general basics.


Would you consider yourself to be a metrosexual?

Pretty much yes.


What are some of the misconceptions of taking good care of yourself as a guy?

Misconceptions? I don’t know if I can answer that one. The thing is we live in a changing world and it’s only normal to realize that things aren’t just black and white, there is actually more of a grey area. In some places, men wear skirts, in other places it’s only women who wear skirts. What wold be the misconception of either sides towards the other? A closer example is how a lot of Angolan men paint their nails and it’s considered ‘normal’ while in Namibia people would look at you twice. I say this because we live in a global community now.


Scruffy/ not put together? Are you ever that?

Yes, sometimes scruffy works. I mean I’ve looked like a hobo before and I think that I’ve pulled it off quiet well. It’s all about self-confidence and knowing who you are as long as you are clean.


BONUS: 5 things people don’t know about you!

  • I hate the mirror, especially full length mirrors.
  • If I take long to get ready, it’s because I spend a long time in the shower just standing there, thinking, burning my skin with hot water and it’s kind of therapeutic to me.
  • I am yet to own a lip balm-labello and finish it. I lack consistency and always lose them.
  • I hate wearing shoes without socks and I always find it hard to find socks. Especially secret socks.
  • My room is always a mess. I think of all this, the hardest part is maintaining an organized room and maybe just maybe having too many options (which I’m not complaining about)



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