We have all at some point struggled to decide between a passion and a money making career. It’s a daunting task. This month we spoke to Karen Powell, whose passion is to help you and I find our purpose in life and use it.

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So who is Karen Powell really?

I’m a Creativity Coach. What even is that? I don’t know, I made it up. But I just do what I love: help people to see their unique brilliance inside themselves and then show them how to get that out into the world.

I love being around people who want to make a positive impact in the world. I love creative people, artsy people, quirky people. I need sunshine and warmth in my every day. Open doors, open windows.

I love Africa and wildlife, tulips, white-washed wood. I’m a pretty simple girl.


What would you say is your purpose in life?

To help people heal their deepest pain and create their biggest dreams.


What do you love about what you do?

I love the transformations people have and the all the goodness that comes out of helping people heal and create beyond what they thought was possible for themselves.

I’m also so grateful that I sincerely love waking up every single day and looking forward to pretty much everything the day has in store.

That’s the biggest blessing, that my work not only has an impact on others, but that I can love what I do. It would be sad if both aspects were not in the mix.


What essentially do you want to be known for?

Being a kind, decent human being who’s fun to be around.

Also, providing the missing piece of the poverty eradication puzzle.

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What are some of the things young people should consider when deciding on a career path?

That nothing is set in stone and you’re probably going to change your career a few times in your lifetime anyway, so stop stressing. I’m seeing so many young people in their final years of high school now stressing so hard about deciding what they’re going to be when they grow up. Here’s a truth bomb for you guys:

It truly doesn’t matter where you start. You don’t have to choose a cookie-cutter profession. It’s more likely your ultimate job or career will consist of a mixture of interests. Just choose something you have a genuine interest or curiosity in. Then follow the breadcrumbs by being aware of what makes your heart and soul come alive and Life will guide you to a fulfilling career.

Think of your career as more of a process or journey, than a title or thing. Your ultimately fulfilling career will unfold over many years and take on many different forms. Unless of course you know for a fact you want to be a brain surgeon. Then go follow the laid-out path to getting there.


How should one settle the Career vs Passion battle within them?

If you have two opposing ideas fighting for your loyalty, first figure out where the ideas are coming from. An internal battle is rarely only with the self. If you’re really honest with yourself, who is trying to talk you into one path over another? Are you your father’s only hope to fulfilling his own unrealized dream of becoming an architect? The nice thing about becoming an adult is we get to start living our own lives. Sometimes we forget that and we’re still looking for approval from our parents.

Follow your heart. If you’re going for something solely to make money or have prestige, it’s going to cost you dearly in other ways. In the end it’s just not worth it.

Trust your gut. Your passions are there for a reason. Life isn’t going to lead you down a road fuelled by your passions and then drop you. If you stay engaged and present, Life is always whispering your next move. You’ll be led, but not necessarily shown what’s around the corner. And that’s okay. It keeps things exciting.


When do you know it’s time for a career change? How should you transition?

How do you feel on a Sunday evening? How do you feel when you wake up on Monday morning?

Your body will start to tell you when it’s time for a change.

And here’s the thing a lot of people don’t realize: Lots of careers have a “sell-by date”. What I mean is,

it was great for a while. You learned a lot. You made some good cash. You developed some good relationships. Now it’s time to move on. Don’t feel that just because you’ve invested years into a career that you need to keep at it past its sell-by date.

You transition by spending some of your free time doing things you’re interested in. As you engage with your interests, talk to people about them, meet more people involved in them, one thing will lead to another and one day you’ll feel confident, and have some great connections, to confidently make the move over.

Don’t quit your job prematurely without something to catch you on the other side.

“Trust. But tether your camel.”


Best career advice you’ve received or given?

Best career advice received:

Take it.

That was from my boyfriend telling me to accept a job offer for a secretarial position at a fast-growing company when I was straight out of university. Even though I had no clue what I wanted to do or be at that time, I thought I should hold out for some swanky higher-paying job. I took the secretarial position and carried on climbing through the ranks to become a salesperson, then a broker, then ultimately a vice-president at that company. Very swanky indeed. Teachable moment here is: No matter where you are or what you’re doing, do it the best you can.

Be a problem-solver. Deliver more than is expected. People will notice and you’ll consistently be at the top of the promotion list.


Best career advice given:

Your career doesn’t exist yet, so invent it.

You’re not a one-dimensional being. There are so many sides and dimensions to you that want to be mixed together to create something truly unique and special. Think of your career as your unique stamp on the world. Aim for a tombstone that will say:

No one else could do it the way she did it.

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