If you’re travelling this holiday, we have one two words for you!


If not for us (please send us your travel diary), then for yourself.  Capture endless memories by documenting your travels. Not sure how? We’ll tell you.

We know you’d like to enjoy every minute of your holiday, but taking a picture or video of some moments is enough to create a lifetime memorable diary.


  • You can keep an actual diary or journal if you’re old school. Jot down your experiences and favourite moments.
  • You can capture it on your phone or camera and  then create print outs or just keep it on your laptop.
  • You can blog it. Or vlog it.
  • You can use this app:  www.traveldiariesapp.com

What you’ll need:

  • Obvs! A good picture quality camera or phone. 
  • A content plan. You can note it down on your phone or notebook.
  • If you’d like to be pro about it, get a mini tripod.
  • A Travel partner. Or the guts to ask a stranger to take pictures of you.
  • Excitement!


  • Jot down everything you’d have wanted to achieve or done at the end of your trip
  • Highlight the images you’d have wanted taken.
  • And then take them.
  • Seriously, snap snap away.
  • Consciously note down how you felt during the moments you took the images.

And then?

Refer back to “methods” above!

  • Put all your visuals into a folder on your drive or laptop or cloud.
  • Write about it
  • Send it to us.

Easy right? Send your travel diary to info@monochromemagazine.net, we’d be keen to share your experience.

Alternatively just tag us…

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