It’s been a long year and all I (we) want to do is take off our shoes, put on our bikinis and head to the beach… Have a little fun in the sun!

Although it’s festive season and everyone is in vacay mood, this doesn’t mean your skin should take a beating from it.

Here’s a few of my fav tips to keep you glowing all through this season:

1. SPF SUNSCREEN! And always a hat.

Look I know you love the sun and laying on the beach is everyone’s mood at this moment but that doesn’t mean you should look like you just had a 30+ peel!
Splurge on the SPF, darling, from head to toe..
Try getting a 40+ sun protector.

2. Hydrate

 It’s summer switch it up a little, water is always your go to but try making some berry smoothies.. Add cucumbers, strawberries, lemons to your water for flavor but also to give your body (skin) that extra anti-oxidants and nourishment.

3. Exfoliate and invest in waxing

This is the time to remove dead skin cells and all that unwanted hair.
No body wants to see a “ashy hairy anything” laying on the beach in a bikini.
Also give your skin a breather from all the winter build up.

4. Moisturise

Always stay moisturised, from head to toe, not keen on applying one every morning and afternoon? Invest in a 24hour active moisturizer.
NB: Don’t forget; even when it looks a little cloudy the sun’s always there.

Keep your skin protected at all times.
Have fun
Esthetician – Skin Care Enthusiast

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