Last year I spoke at the WFW x Vaultz event about social media and had so much fun speaking about something something I love doing.

If you’ve been wanting to delete your entire Instagram feed because it’s a mess and nothing works, this post is for you. If curating a cohesive Instagram feed is important to you, I made this post specifically for you.

Personally, whether your page is for personal use or for business having a cohesive Instagram feed makes it pleasant to look at and makes me want to follow you. For bloggers and creatives who put out content I feel it’s important that your feed looks put together.

It shows:

  • You care about the content you put out
  • Effort
  • Creativity
  • Individuality (No two feeds are the same)
  • If done right; it shows your work ethic, personality and interests in one scroll

The above list is basically what brands look at when looking for someone to work on their projects with, along with followers and engagement.

Here are some of my tips to creating a cohesive IG feed:

Find a theme

You’ll need to figure out the vibes you want for your feed. Have a look at some of your favourite aesthetically pleasing accounts, what type of feel do they have? Which resonates with you the most? What colours do they have? What types of pictures do they take?

Would you like your feed to be? (pick below)

  • Dark / Moody
  • White
  • Colorful
  • Tropical
  • Natural
  • Brown
  • Vintage


Choose a colour palette

My white/natural colour palette has worked for me because I only wear grayscale and natural coloured clothing and I take a lot of images with those colours in mind.

If you are someone who loves and wears a lot of colour this may be different for you. So you’d need to find a filter or editing style that works well with that. Pick 3-5 colours and stick with them.

Always pay attention to the colors in your photos:

  • The color of the background of your photo
  • The subjects
  • Including the outfits


Find a filter/editing style that you like

It’s important that the images you put up look a like, if not the content then the editing style. So after you’ve figured out the theme of your feed, take a few pictures and try editing them using one filter/ preset.

Once you’ve found a style you like, stick to that until you want to change it up again.

There are apps available to make editing easier for you.

My next post will be on how I edit my pictures, I’ll share what apps I use and how in depth.


Plan your feed

I’m a post as you go instagrammer, if I don’t post the picture I just took today, I’ll probably never post it. This is why you’ll never find a #TBT on my feed.

But, planning your feed makes it easier to keep a theme if it doesn’t come naturally to you. So you can download apps like “Feedr” and plan out your content to see if the picture/s you want to put up work with your feed or not.

To round this off I wanted to show you an IG account I follow that encompasses everything I just spoke about. I have more favourites (of course). 

The Minimale Blogger has a brown warm theme to her feed, she uses brown, white and black as her primary colours and uses the same editing style.

If you start with these 4 steps, you’ll be well on your way to an Instagram feed of aesthetics.

PS: I don’t even feel I need to mention this but these tips only work if you take great, good composition, high quality images. Otherwise we’ll need to start from there. Alas, we’ll probably talk about that soon too. 

That’s all for now, see you next week.


Betty Sibeso  | Find me on Instagram at @bettysibeso

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