We have a new board of directors ready to take the fashion industry to the next level.

Dominated by young industry players, the fairly and openly elected creatives  set goals to address, educate and facilitate the growth of the fashion industry on a national scale.

Merja Iileka, Jaimee-lee Diergaardt, Frieda Karipi, Ericke Tjiueza, Kevin Perestrelo, Allison Lou and Armando van Wyk will be the voices of the fashion industry and having a much stronger presence as they intent to continue to build on the work previous board’s three-year legacy,

Leah Misika, the out-going member of FNC, congratulated all the new board members. She knows most of them as individuals and love the possibility of what they could achieve as a group. She continued to add a piece of advice to the new board and that was to focus on doing their best as a group.

Don’t be too concerned with people’s expectations, the only expectations you truly have to concern yourself with are those of the paying members as this is the nature of the organization you now run.

What you are tasked with is not easy and people will have all the time in the world to criticize and voice their concerns. Listen and then push towards the vision you feel will elevate/propel the industry say Misika.

The beauty about this organization is that focus will change with each new board but the vision to see this industry grow will always be a common goal and that is what truly excites me. Misika, is happy to be 1 of 7 paying members of the current council and truly hope that many others that wish to help this council operate as it should will put their money where their mouths are and join too.

The new board of directors of the Fashion Council of Namibia (FCN) is also delighted to announce the appointment of its Chairperson, Frieda Karipi, effective immediately. Ms Karipi replaces Melisa Poulton, whose three-year tenure came to an end on 6 March 2019 when a new Board of Directors was elected at the FCN’s Annual General Meeting.

I am honoured and excited to lead the newly elected board of the Fashion Council of Namibia for the next three years. The team has young and dynamic individuals who have a common interest and vision and I am confident that together we will add value to the fashion industry,” said Ms Karipi.


Ms Karipi, a well-established actor, theatre practitioner and entrepreneur added that as a fashion enthusiast, she sees new opportunities and endless possibilities for those who have a passion for fashion in its broad spectrum.

The FCN continues to play a key role in advocating for quality standards, including participating in Namibian governing bodies, monitoring and providing advice for changes in legislation that will benefit the fashion industry.

A key focus of the Fashion Council of Namibia that we will continue throughout the tenure of the newly elected Board of Directors is training and skills development to strengthen and equip the industry, fill gaps and improve local capability.

From L to R: Armando, Kevin, Allison, Frieda, Merja, Jaimee-Lee, Ericke

Board of Directors:

Frieda Karipi – Chairperson

Merja Iileka – Deputy Chairperson

Ericke Tjiueza – Treasurer  

Jaimee-Lee Diergaardt – Project Coordinator

Allison Lou, Armando van Wyk, Kevin Perestrelo – Digital media

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Merja Iileka

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