We are happy to announce our latest fashion segment, “VOICES OF STYLE”. 

Here we will be celebrating fashion and style enthusiasts and share their stories. A platform for any creative out in the world to share their living experience beyond the borders of our beautiful country, Namibia.

This new segment is a proud collaboration between Monochrome Magazine and Psyche Magazine. The merge seamlessly happened because both brands had a similar vision for the segment.

Psyche Magazine is a proudly Namibian print that shares tales that have never been told before. Uprooting the unspoken truth of who we are. They are the shapers of culture, workers of authentic change and dreamers who dare to live.

We enjoy sourcing inspiration from all over the world and what other way to do so by sourcing inspiration first hand.

Our first entry is  the beautiful 23 year old Florensia Hitilasha from Okalongo, Namibia. Who is now based in Barcelona, Spain studying fashion design.

Florensia, takes interest in studying African Bantu cultures and how they relate to each other in ways of living and the meaning of cultural attires. Having been born in one, she feels privileged to learn so much about the importance of grounded tradition and why appearance was shown as a statement.

Being a curious person, Florensia, constantly asks why certain elements are the way they are and as a cultural oriented designer,  she wants to influence her culture onto modern fashion designs. She also believes the fashion sense that has dominated our fashion sense is not our own but those implemented on us.

what happens if one was only influenced by their own surrounding and knowledge of their cultural instincts?

Florensia, has a strong interest in mixing her knowledge of traditional attires onto modern fashion designs. That’s the route she faces at this current stage.

Fun Facts

1. Describe your Style in 3 words

Tangled, Moody and Free.

2. Latest purchase

Vintage Coat

3.  What is your favorite store to shop at, and do you find them in Namibia?

Vintage shops, flee markets and second hand stores. You can find vintage stores in Namibia.

4. What are the first items you gravitate toward when shopping?

I often gravitate to a section where its most crowded especially in vintage stores, or where it
looks less appearing to the eye, because many people avoid such sections.

5.  What is on rotation when it come to dressing?

Not specifically clothing wise, but more like my shades, bags and belts.

6. If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?

Luka Sabbat

7.  Picture yourself in three years. What are you wearing?

Probably, over-sized “Tate Buti ́s” construction clothing with paint prints on them and thick sole ankle boots. Perhaps with hand made leather belt. That’s the mood I feel at this point.

8. If you could name your personal style, what would it be called? 

Not your Elementary F#ckery.


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