A letter from the Fashion Council.

As the Directors of the Fashion Council, we have identified 4 important mandates that we want to achieve in our tenure.  Our main aim is to commercialise the Creative Industry by virtue of establishing valuable and long term relationships between Namibian Creatives and Corporates. What Legacy Companies such as Coca-Cola and Budweiser have recently shown us is that Companies need creatives in order to develop, evolve and adopt sustainable & modern business models. Companies see the monetary value in becoming relatable to their respective consumer demographics, and they realise that to achieve this, they need to make the work of creatives inherent to their identities.

We strongly believe that a commercialised creative industry will inject enough money into the industry to provide creatives with opportunities to develop career sustaining skills and relationships. It will also speak directly to the ability of our industry professionals to put out quality creative work.

Fashion is not something that should be disaggregated from other art forms. As the Council we are intimately inspired to expand the limitations set on Fashion. Yes, we are a Fashion Council that houses the fashion enthusiasts and designers of  Namibia, but more important is the fact that we are a Council that is going to lend itself, wholeheartedly, to creating platforms that accommodate and integrate all the artists and creatives in Namibia.

That means we care about and will aim to protect the interests of all creatives in Namibia – which includes photographers, makeup artists, stylists, models, videographers, graphic designers, influencers, entrepreneurs and so forth.

We realise the importance of creating representation for minority African identities, in this instance for Namibians, that depict and align with our cultural, social and economic modernity. As the Fashion Council of Namibia, our aim will be to grant accessibility while amplifying the unique voice and experiences of Namibians by virtue of creating digital archives on dynamic platforms with international appeal.

We believe that there has never been a time more pivotal than right now, for us as millennials to explore our eccentric ideas and develop our intuitive niches. What is true is that we all have a fascinating perspective on the world, and so it is our duty to align individual inspiration with our passions in order to create amazing and meaningful creative content and to drive new products into the world.

The benefits of becoming a member will become more evident with time, however the FCN does want to appeal to artists and creatives who already feel that our mandate aligns with their personal and professional values, to join us in this journey that is about empowering every person with creative inclination.

Rates: N$ 50 per quarter (every 3 months) or N$130 for the whole year.

Send an email to fashioncouncilofnamibia@gmail.com apply for membership and contribute to the growth of the industry.

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