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Life got a little hectic the past few weeks and I didn’t get to put out any That’s BS content. Sorry for that. Cheroldine.

I’m going to pick up from where we left off.

In the last piece we spoke of Influencer Marketing, what it is and what needs to happen so that it works here. Today’ I’ll be sharing how you can build your influencer brand.

Becoming an influencer brand demands a lot of time, effort, and energy. Big Influencers around the world invested so much time and resources to be where they are right now and in the beginning that’s exactly what you need to be doing.

Before I go on, let it be stated that influencer marketing is a job – treat it as such.

Okay. Let’s get into it.

Build your brand

What does your online presence give off? What are you known for, what type of content do you share?

What is your brand?

Figuring out your niche and building your community around that is a great way to establish your brand.


Create content as often and as true to you as possible. Is it funny videos? Is it showing off your amazing style?

Pick a day in the week set out to creating content for your platforms. Plan everything. Be intentional about what you post, when you post it, why you post it. Your audience becomes familiar with your brand and consistency – as if if they have subscribed to a weekly series of what you have to offer.

Create the content you want. Invest in resources that will help you put out quality content. Apps, software, time etc.

Ensure that this content is useful, informative, engaging, and helpful to your followers. This will help you position yourself as an effective and successful influencer.


Set Goals

Aim for specific and small goals. Outside of “followers”.

It’s easy to get caught up on increasing the number of followers you have, but other metrics are important too!

Learn different ways to keep your followers engaged and active on your social profiles. The old saying, quality over quantity, holds true. Pay attention to engagement – number of likes, comments and shares. Evaluate your progress by asking questions you can measure the answers to. Does your content result in engagement from x% of your followers? Do you see a lift in new followers when you post specific types of photos?  www.smallbiztrends.com

Set goals for yourself that will help increase your productivity, quality or frequency of your content production.

Try these:

  • How many times a week do you intend to post on Instagram? (How many posts a week)
  • What day of the week will your blog/vlog go up?
  • What new element will you bring to your platform every other week?
  • What’s your goal “Reach” and “Impressions”?
Use this diagram to help you plan your content


Decide on what platforms work best for you. Decide on what medium you’d like to use.

Do you enjoy creating videos than you do writing? Then create a YouTube channel. If you enjoy both. Create a blog too.

That way you have somewhere to direct traffic to, more importantly you have a platform that can vouch as your portfolio. In case Instagram shuts down again, you know.

Creating a channel or blog also allows your audience to see your content in better context. It also encourages brands to trust that you will have a platform to speak or showcase their products – longer or in more context than Instagram allows.

I strongly advice on starting either one.

Building an influencer brand takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. When you start your journey, you should know that it’s not going to happen overnight.


In the next posts we’ll be tackling media kits and how to create one, branding for your influencer brand, approaching brands and so much more.

Till next week.

Betty Sibeso 

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