This month on Model Update we speak to Julian Mentzel, 22 year old model who’s currently pursuing a Marketing and Communications  degree in Cape Town, South Africa.

Who is Julian ?

I would describe myself as a 22year old ,  1,93m tall – yeah that’s a lot of body – guy who is passionate about many things , especially life itself.

I love to live and experience life, from the small things to the big ones. I love people, people make me happy .

What are you currently up to ?

I’m currently studying a degree in Marketing and Communications here in Cape Town. I did recently graduate in sound production as well, so I try to be in touch with people who do music, write or have anything to do with it , you know networking. Then besides that I model for Contact Model Management, putting myself through castings, at the moment it’s off season though so it’s quite calm.

Talk to us about your love for modeling ?

I’m still fairly new in the industry and gotta say modeling is not what I thought it was . I thought you get signed and that’s it. But damn was I wrong , ’cause the journey only starts when you’re signed I feel – and you gotta fall in love with the journey.
That being said , I love to see myself through the lens.
 I’m get to leave my comfort zone and see a whole different side of myself.
It’s like I have different personalities,  once the attention is on me my personality changes . At first I was quite shy, still am but seeing the amazing content one is able to create, lets you forget the fear. The results are always worth it.
Plans for modeling? I just really have a lot of growing to do, I always aim to be at the top of my game. So I want to just keep on  creating new content and shoot as much as I can, gain more and more experience. Also, it’s all about developing that certain persona that ends up getting you where you want to be .

Ultimate model gig ?

That’s a difficult one because there are so many and to me “gig is gig “, I love any type. But the ultimate gig will most definitely be a feature in GQ or modeling for high end fashion, that’s the dream.

What do you get up to on your off day?

Funny enough, this is literally the question clients will always ask everyone, haha.
Off days are so important I feel, especially to just let go of all the buzz that’s in my life, so I definitely make sure to have one every week. I’m saying this because even when I’m not at school, the gym or out and about, I’m still busy at home working on something. I struggle with not doing anything at all . That being said a real off day would be a day with my girlfriend & movies or just doing anything relaxed, that really works.
Being out at the beach or trying out a new restaurant in sunny Cape Town is simply the best.

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Images by @iamsellah (IG)

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