Meet Charnél-Ann Heyn better known as @curlsfromthesouth on Instagram and our latest Insta Crush.
We love her for her daring and bold personality that shines through her images. From being Jay Aeron’s muse, to fashion and her amazing hair, Charnél-Ann Heyn makes our Insta Faves list.

Make Up – Jay Aeron | Photo – @beaniiboy_photoworks

Describing your  style?

I would say it’s laid back with a bit of edge. I like to experiment with clothes to see what really works for me. It mostly depends on my mood aswell.. Haha!

How has social media help convey your style?

It basically gave me the freedom to wear what I want with no apology. It’s an amazing platform to discover your style and reach people with similar style interests.

What’s the meaning behind your Instagram name?

Haha, I still remember how I struggled with this for so long. I wanted something that basically describes me in a sense. So being passionate about natural hair, I merged it with where I’m originally from, which is the South.  That’s how I came up with “CurlsfromtheSouth”.
Make Up – Jay Aeron | Photo – LS Photography

Favourite thing about the current digital space?

I absolutely love how millennial and artistic it is! Alot of people are conscious of what they post and have full control of it. It’s wonderful to see so many young people building brands by doing things their passionate about. A lot of artists are also pushing their art which is an absolute beautiful thing to witness.

Who or what inspires your aesthetic?

No one specific.. But art definitely plays a big role when it comes to my aesthetic.
Make Up – Jay Aeron | Photo – LS Photography

Best on-the-go Style?

A tank top or tee paired with blue jeans a pump or sneaker.. Hair in a bun and off we go!
Haha, I’m a sucker for comfort!

Plans for your brand?

Growth. Having a household name in the country! Pushing the natural hair movement to greater heights! Collaborating with other natural hair enthusiasts & supporting natural hair products that are Proudly Namibian!
I am excited for the future!

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