Hey buddy. How are you today ? Yes I actually asked how you are doing today and I meant it. 

Why you might ask? Well because it matters. It matters a lot, especially considering what good friends we’re going to become.

I’m Linus. Your very own fitness buddy.

I’m here to guide you on your fitness journey for as long as you need me.

I’ll be talking you through a range of different fitness topics. But these won’t be the topics you’ve generally read about. Nah. I’ll be giving you the fitness help you never knew you needed. Sounds crazy right? Well it is, because the approach to fitness you’ve been taking could most likely be the reason you haven’t gotten very close to your fitness goals. 

On fitness buddy we’ll cover not only the physical approaches to getting closer to your goals, like running and lifting weights, but also how to approach this journey mentally. 

Because like I said in the beginning of this article “how you are doing today matters”. We’ll be focusing on creating mental fortitude, creating a deeper connection with one’s true self and how that in turn correlates to a healthier approach with your fitness journey. One that will actually last.

So if you’re ready to live up to your fullest potential and smash some of those fitness goals that have seemed so daunting for so long make sure you’re back next week to read the first Fitness Buddy column curated by Linus from Mind&Body Fitness.

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