Hi! I’m Saron.

4 years ago I’d moved to Europe and discovered I had the gift of being able to wear many hats – which seemingly had no connection to one another. I learnt I didn’t have to “stay in my lane” – that in fact, I could participate in several lanes and still win. That being said, I’m your camera wielding, pharmaceutical, skin care enthusiast and foodie/cooking instructor… slash teacher. It sounds cluttered, but really, it’s the perfect blend.

I’ve since moved back to the land of the brave. It’s been a couple of months but I’m still looking at everything from the outside in. And I have to say, some of the differences are really loud. Like how one can’t order a full gourmet meal online at 2am and have it at my door step in less than an hour. Or how taking a taxi now means sharing it with KFC carrying strangers and going around the whole city first. Sometimes filling up at a gas station before getting to where I want.  No uber. LOL very first world problems. Or how it took forever to find a psychologist who at least had an online page WITH reviews so as to aid in my choices.

I’m still puzzled by how little we’re utilising the internet here. I don’t think that everyone realises how much better it is to be accessible that way. The stats show that most people will look up a business or practice up on social media first before anything else. Why would you pass that up? It’s free. What makes you different from the next service/product? And why should I choose YOU over the next one? I almost want to offer my social media managing skills pro bono. Fixing Namibia one social media page at a time. On the other hand, the many small boutiques I’ve seen mushroom get the picture. A lot of young people are really trying to do business. It’s beautiful. We’re creating our own jobs. Windhoek just seems younger to me. It’s either that, or I’m getting old. Younger people are standing behind the counters I used to see older disgruntled civil servants.

You look good, Windhoek.

I missed the food. Best believe the first place I went to was Single Quarters to find kapana and omagungu – many a time something I wished could be airmailed to me.

I’ve visited a few new restaurants and cafes that weren’t here before, privately reviewing their services and food. The foodie in me is thrilled.

My skin, however, had a nervous breakdown. Which isn’t a good look seeing as I am the skin guru. I’m not used to having to do as much to keep my skin clear. It was effortless before, but I’ve been working on some things and I’ve figured out a couple that work for our climate. By the time I’m through with my DIY skin replenishing regime, I am absolutely glistening. By the way, the skin care industry in Namibia has blossomed. In fact, I just got into a collab with a local beauty skin care line where I’ll be their brand ambassador, sharing my own professional skin care know-how with them (and now also with you 😊 ). Seems like we’ve all gotten the memo. Its only up from here.

I’m enjoying getting to know my city and country again with new eyes. I’m enjoying not being the only black girl (person) for miles at any given time and place. And I’m appreciating the process of reacclimatising.

I’ve learnt so much and can’t wait to share.

Welcome to my column, Sincerely Saron.

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