My name is Olivia and I am a single mom.

(Sounds like an introductory sentence at one or other sombre support group meeting hey?
Promise that wasnt the intention, but actually, maybe single moms should have their own little support group meetings hey)


Welcome to MonoMom!

I think that sounds way better.
Infact way better than the actual job description.
Chic, sleek, like we got it all together.

Come on, admit it sis, doesnt MonoMom sound more cool?
It provokes a mental image of Mother and son, matching sneakers, doing a funky pose…
or maybe mother and daughter, doing a girls date at Soulstice Day Spa.
In this imagined scenario,
The mother, lovingly corrects whatever mischievous tactics the child gets up to this time, and the little toddler or teenager calmly responds, “yes mommy, you are correct mommy, I’ll stop it immediately”…

Huh, fat chance!
Raise your hand dear single mom if you know that the scene described above is nothing close to what we experience on most days. A more accurate representation would be something along the lines of a frantic yell from the mommy,


Etse, stop it, you will fall!



I told you no crying for stuff if I take you along to town, you are not coming with ever again and you will go see when we get home!

More often than not, they are on the floor yelling their lungs out, throwing the biggest tantrums, with the confused looks of strangers starring at us and every now and then an empathetic glance from another mommy, with eyes that say, I can totally relate, I get it, you are not crazy for just standing there and looking helpless.

I swear sometimes they mess so hard with your mind that your language and grammar skills go out the door with them.

You end up saying phrases like: “Ame, this child ne… ”

“Hou op, Louise, hou op, stop it, semuur, nou, immediately”

Make no mistake.

We have our brief moments of utter delight, no doubt, where our hearts bursts out in joy, and we would choose this journey all over again. Split seconds of pure bliss and such pride that for a minute or two, you actually believe that maybe, just maybe, they really are a blessing and not a punishment from outer space that the universe sent to punish you for all your years of rebellion. Those fleeting moments are worth all the other moments. They are even worth the stretch marks.

If you can relate to some of the above, you are at the right place.

MonoMom is a lifestyle blog with focus on single Motherhood in todays fast paced world, where we have to juggle so many different roles along with nurturing ourselves.

As mothers we all wrestle at some point with questions such as,

“Is it selfish to chase a career whilst being a single mom”?
“Are we allowed to take time outs? ”
“What about dating whilst living with your teenage kids”
“Is it selfish to go on a solo holiday? ”
“What exactly is these co-parenting thing? ”
“He broke my heart, so im not letting him see his child. ”
“Am I a single woman or a single mom, what’s the difference? ”
“How do I prioritize the kids well-being and still have a life of my own? ”
“Should the nanny attend the kids school events?”
“How am I ever going to start my side business with the kids needing so much of me”?

Dear Mommy, come lets answer these questions and more together, bit by bit.
I promise we will keep it real and raw.

We will keep it practical. And sometimes we will simply vent.

And no, I am not an expert. I am simply a mother. And all other things all women should be free to be.

So we are going to share on different lifestyle topics. And we will all be MonoMoms.

MonoMoms are hip.
MonoMoms are cool.
MonoMoms achieve.
MonoMoms are authentic.
MonoMoms are enough.
MonoMoms are complete.

Join me again, next week, same time, same place, with a glass of wine or cup of tea for our weekly MonoMom date.


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