Hey buddy hope you are well. 

If not maybe we should make that your goal this week. That’s right, we talk goals this week.

Let’s start off by defining what a goal is:

It is important to highlight in this definition that there was no specification as to how big or small a goal may be. What was highlighted though was the fact that an individual aspires toward something and is willing to put in effort to achieve it.

Yes at some point we can break down the different types of goals, but our focus here for now is merely setting a goal and setting up structures within ourselves to help us in realizing it.

So that begs the question. What’s the smallest goal and what’s the biggest goal one can set?

Well, in all honesty, there’s no goal too little.

This is simply because different things bear different levels of difficulty for different individuals. 

Let’s bring it home with an example. An individual who is overweight and sets a goal to be able to walk for 5 minutes straight is just as justified as the individual who is able to run the  100m sprint in 12 seconds and wants to make that 11 seconds. Not to forget that one can be gifted in one aspect and lack tremendously in another.

That being said, in my opinion, there is such a thing as a goal being too big. I know, I know. I might be losing some of you here, but just give me a second to explain. A goal set high with no consideration of the current circumstances and no clear vision, is a goal set too high. We are meant to reach out of our comfort zones but the dangers of having goals set to high include

– Being anxious 

– Risking the possibility of extreme sadness

– Risking the possibility of burnout

– Harm (psychological, emotional & physical harm)

Lastly, one of the most important things. Never let a goal consume you. It is fantastic to be goal driven, but there is so much more to life than,

– the destination 

– the single goal you set


Outside of your goals exist a whole world with different people with different opinions that one could always learn from. 

Living in a goal can take you away from living in your life. ~ L.KI


In conclusion:

– Set goals

– Know that you are worthy of better

– Be kind to yourself 

– Take care of yourself 

– Live your best life


What are some of your goals for this week?

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