Hey buddy. Hope the long weekend went well and that you got some well deserved rest & time away.

There’s no better time to bring up the right time to start.

The fact of the matter is there is no right time to start and I’m telling you now that starting isn’t the difficult part. The truth is a lot of people get started on a fitness journey. A lot of people get that gym membership. A lot of people sign up for that Boot camp. And a lot modify their diets.

The reality is a small percentage of people that start, don’t maintain these journeys. I am not saying this to discourage or scare people. I am saying this to give you, my buddy, a clear idea of what a lifestyle like this takes.

So for those struggling to start here’s the one thing that helps me and most of the people that I assist.

The world is for those who are willing to have it. ~L.KI 

Simply put. If you desire a certain life you have to be able to live in a way that allows you to have it. I believe that speaks volumes in itself.

However if that is difficult to live by here are two things you can think about after you’ve done the easier bit of starting and need that extra push.

Firstly there’s the African proverb that I personally use. It goes as follows.

If there is no enemy within the enemy from outside can do me no harm.

I’d like to highlight in this proverb that it does not say that there will not be days of doubt and struggling. However it does shed light on the fact that if one does not hate themselves, the hate of the world can do them no harm. That is a place of strength and a place all should operate from. In reference to a fitness journey it gives us the idea that the journey itself is to be an internal one and that one should have clear goals (reference to our previous article on goals). The standard is not set externally. That brings us to our second point.

Set the standards for your life. Here’s the kicker. Your standards aren’t your wants. They are your musts. This is where discipline comes in.

A lot of people want to be healthy. I bet only 8% of the worlds population would say they consciously choose to be unhealthy. The other 92% would say they would love to be healthy. The question is then why aren’t they?

The answer is simple. Wanting something isn’t good enough. Wanting it does not prepare you for having it. 

– Working for it does.

– Learning it does.

– Attempting to understand it does.

Therefore we’re right back where we started.

And we’re going to end it the same way.

The world is for those who are willing to have it.


By Linus Kwenani | Mind & Body Fitness

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