By Rena Stephanus

As a writer it is always advised you continue writing to better your art. You might have stumbled upon an inability to create, be it a writer, musician or designer. A creative block can be said to be the phase in any creative’s life where they are just not able to produce content.

For my profession we classify it as a writer’s block, writers block can last for days, weeks, months and even years! In as much as you try to develop new content you just can’t quite seem to tap into that internal creativity. For months now I have been trying to climb over this barrier and just write, but the second I attempt to – I drift to another dimension.

When are you releasing new work? This is a question that is frequently posted towards creatives as audience always expect you to have something for them, because a world without creatives would be dull.

You cannot rush creative flow, in as much as the audience demands you deliver, one of the worst things a creative can do is give out content that is not worthy of the masses. 

Innovative and “out of the box” content is something that creatives strive to deliver.

Before anyone else creatives are the biggest critics of their work and pay a lot of attention to their art and this is one of the things that prevent creatives from releasing work that to them does not reach up to the standard for the audience. Going through a creative block can not only be emotionally tiring but also financially draining as you are forced to turn down opportunities, because that blank page phase does not allow you to produce.

Almost all creatives at one point must have gone through this phase, and have come back to produce content that has taken the audience by storm. My advice to all creatives is that when all attempts fail to create it is okay to put that pen down, close the designing software or whatever it is that is required of you to create and resume when you are ready to. You will get the creative juice flowing through your body again. To the audience be patient with creatives who are going through a creative block. Because we too have our days, believe it or not, where we just can not create.

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