Reporting live from Windhoek city, it’s Windhoek Fashion Week!

We love fashion week here at headquarters and this just means that it’s time to dig into what some of our favourite designers have been working on. Unlike most of the collections from last year’s WFW, this year promises to bring all the heat.

We are looking forward to seeing collaborations amongst the designers, some accessible and re-creatable runway looks and definitely ready-to-wear. The designers on the schedule tend to be a mix of emerging talent and contemporary labels as opposed heritage brands, but regardless of the reason, the S/S 20 runways at NYFW were flooded with outfit ideas and trends we could easily incorporate into our current wardrobes without expending too much effort or imagination.

About WFW

Windhoek Fashion Week(WFW) is a platform that showcases Namibia fashion designs and industry professionals. Established in 2016, it’s main focus is to develop the design community and bring industry players together.

The Fashion Designers Showcasing

The designers on the schedule are a mix of emerging talent and some well-known fashion brands in Namibia and we expect them to flood us with outfit ideas and trends we could easily incorporate into our current wardrobes without expending too much effort or imagination

The Schedule

Day 1: The Fashion Talk

The talk primarily focused on the retail industry and what it is doing to support local designs. Petro Oberholster who manned the talk has over 24 years of experience in commercial, marketing and finance of which 15 are in property and retails development. She has gained property experience in various industries by rolling out retail shops in shopping centres. Do email for what wa discussed in detail here

Day 2: The Official Opening Party

Here is a chance to mingle and connect with all industry players. This party promises to highlight on the importance of coming together and celebrating Namibian talent and the old fashioned get-to-know. We hope you come dressed to kill and don’t miss an opportunity to snap a couple with your favs.

It’s hard to play favorites since there will be so many fashion designers that we’ve fallen in love with over the years. But if we had to choose, we suppose HoneyCassie Designs, YAMWE, House of Poulton, Ingo Shanyenge, Foxxy, Sirenga, House of Cindy are what we’re anticipating the most. So when someone asks you what you’re looking forward to wearing a week from now, you’ll be able to confidently say, “Anything by whatever they showcased”.

We can’t to see who will be in attendance and all the design community showcasing their hard work.


See you there!

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