Hey inmates!

It’s been a long minute and I’m just happy to still have the opportunity to share my journal entry with whoever that reads them.

Read all about what is on rotation in *closetville during these challenging times.

I’ve worked from home since I graduated from university and since I started my entrepreneurial journey. I have also been fortunate enough to have flexible jobs that didn’t require me to “go-to-work” most of the time. So, since the outbreak and the announcement of the lockdown as a precautionary measure for the COVID-19 pandemic, this new norm isn’t new to me at all.

I completely understand that it is easy to feel uninspired to get dressed now that this new “at-home lifestyle” is what we are facing. I’m pretty sure we’re all quite used to dressing for a specific occasion or event. Some of you have even gone to the extend of investing on your wardrobe, and before you start loosing it, i have decided to share my top 4 outfits that are on rotation while e wait this out. outfits that inspire me to do work at home and feel a lot more put together.

I hope these inspire you too


For those that don’t know, I like to experiment with my personal style a lot. I mean, on a good day, I would have probably found a way to rock these PJs to run an errand, at an outing and even at an event. So think of your favorite PJs as a full on outfit to go to your work station in your home.


I’d be honest and say that sweats are inevitable if you are working or taking a day off from work. So, please don’t fight being comfortable during this time. I mean, Beyonce just launched Park Ivy with Addidas and those are the only things qualify as Sports-Luxe in my books if only I can get my hands on them. For now, I settle with CottonOn and Sportscene.

Racer Tanks

I am a 90s baby and a basic tank top is an essential item in my closet. It is just about every 90s fashion person I know wardrobe basic.  Try wearing this bad boy around the house with shorts, sweatpants, leggings and with tailored trousers later to switch up the volume there by *Kitchensville for dinner.

Button-Sown Shirts

This is one basic I can’t stress enough for EVERYONE. We are putting it to new use in this era of at-home life. Read a book in it, with nothing but undies. Sexiest thing alive if you ask me.

Tell me all about what you are wearing during this time by dropping me a mail or DM

’till next time Bunns



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