In this edition of “Bloggers We Love” we feature one of our favourite Namibian bloggers, the talented and beautiful, Kimberley Krieger.

When she’s not making us envious with her travel content she’s sharing wholistic lifestyle content. 

8 questions for Kimberley


What 3 cities describe you best?


I would say ROME for it’s food culture. CAPE TOWN for its modern natural & boho style. And of course WINDHOEK for it’s sunshine-filled, worry-free lifestyle.


What can we find on your blog?

You will find tons of delicious and healthy recipes with individual video instructions to make you cooking experience so much easier and entertaining!


How did 2020 start for you?


With a loud and clear BANG! I think we all expected 2020 to be THE YEAR for change and growth! We all had a special feeling about this year, and WOW, 2020 has been special indeed. It’s going to be a year to remember for sure. I am using the time in this lockdown to work on tons of projects that I’ve been putting off for so long.

We can either look at this situation with a anxious and bored mindset, or we can use the time to reach our personal goals with no distractions in sight. I’m choosing the second option!

What about you?


What are you currently reading?


I usually listen to audio books because it’s easier to fit into my schedule. I am currently listening to “THIS IS MARKETING” by Seth Godin! It’s been a great motivator for my business.


Favorite quote?



A daily reminder to focus on my specific goals and to stop wasting time trying to do everything myself! I choose to invest my time into what I am good at and to become even better at that specific task.


My ideal plate consists of….

That depends on my mood entirely, but a plate that would always work is sushi with some fresh green tea, and a dark chocolate dessert. I hope drinks count for this! 😉


What is your on-the-go meal?

My on the go meal is definitely my favorite smoothie in a cute cup!

Try this:

1/2 Mango

4-5 mint leaves

3 tbsp coconut yogurt

2 tbsp frozen cherries

Splash of almond milk

1/2 tsp vanilla extract


The best smoothie in the entire world! Trust me!


Mood for the rest of the year?

Keep a positive mindset! Don’t let the fear of the news and media get to us. Let’s use this time to do all the things we had wished we had time for in the past! Take this storm and turn it into your fire!

I am sending you all lots of love, health & sunshine  for the rest of the year!


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