A list of of petitions were recently created by Namibian Youth to help tackle social issues that have been affecting the Namibian community for a very long time.

Here we stand in solidarity, ensuring we do more than speak, ensuring we are action-driven and ensuring that our voices WILL be heard. We are Namibian. We are powerful. We are ABLE! – Mavis Braga (Twitter)

If you find yourself not being able to join a protest, petitions are a great way to help support the cause. Another great way is to share and amplify the voices of those who are speaking against injustices that affect us all.

Here is the list of petitions you can sign:

  1. The Gallows Must Fall

The removal of the Gallows “landmark” from its current public location in Henties Bay

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2. A Curt Farewell

“We, citizens of Windhoek, ask that this statue be removed as soon as possible and be replaced by a sculpture of Windhoek’s true founder: Jonker Afrikaner.”

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3.  Legalize Abortion in Namibia

“Women should have the autonomy over their own bodies and access to safe and legal abortions.”

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4.  Support the establishment of Namibia’s first digitally accessible Sex Offenders’ Registry

Did you know that Namibia currently does not have a publically accessible sex offender registry? Shocked? You should be. At the very least, institutions like hospitals, schools, daycare centres, basically anyone that is hiring someone for child care, etc. should have access to a registry of sex offenders. It’s 2020 and they do not have access. IANNA would like to change that and be a platform where this sex offender registry would be publically and digitally available.

We will update the list as we go along. Sign and share, speak out if you can. All our voices holds more power than just a few.
We are in this together.


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