Namibian cool kids have officially embraced streetstyle and we are all the way here for it. What we are even more excited for is that we now have a great number of Namibian designers who are rolling out world-class streetwear collections.

With that, we’ve rounded up 4 amazing Namibian streetwear brands we should all be rocking this year.

Streetwear is a style of casual clothing which became global in the 1990s. It grew from New York hip hop fashion and eventually California surfskate culture, to encompass elements of sportswear, punk and Japanese street fashion. Eventually haute couture became an influence. It commonly centers on “casual, comfortable pieces such as jeans, T-shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers”, and exclusivity through intentional product scarcity. – Wikipedia

  1. Sirenga Namibia


    If you were at the recent Windhoek Fashion Week, you know! YOU KNOW! They rolled Cargo shorts, cargo trousers, suspenders, hardware filled jackets, harness like accessories, pockets and more pockets. We loved all of it! All of it! Check out their page for a quick look at this collection.

  2. //Concept


    If you are into fun and edgy street style, //Concept is there for you.
    Their use of typrography and tye dye really sold it for us. Check them out on Instagram.

  3. Jay Walker

    Singer Taylor Jaye WOWED us with an amazing street wear collection. We never esperredit! From the colours to the cuts and styles, the Jay Walker Urban Gear collection is one we have to add to our wardrobes for sure!

  4. Linrico Humphries

    LH gave us a mix between street style and high fashion. The tones, silhouettes, the prints and of course the p/leather. This collection allows you get the best of both worlds. We love to see it. Find them on Instagram.

Our favorite part of all these collections/brands is that both men and women could wear their items. Androgyny at its best.

If streetwear is your game, you definitely should check these brands out and support Namibian fashion.

Which collection is your favourite?

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