By Uzembua Ndjoze

Braids have always been a huge part of the hair community however, ever since the pandemic hit more people have been opting for braids from knotless to Fulani. So, here are three haircare tips for the babes with braids.


1. Prep Work

This step is key. Since your locks will be tucked away, what you do beforehand is crucial. Firstly, it is imperative that you wash and deep condition beforehand. Reason for this is, braiding hair is synthetic therefor; it is quite drying to your hair. Ensuring that you lock in that moisture beforehand will help your hair stay moisturized. Secondly, go with your hair stretched. Reason being, this will help make the braiding process easier and minimise hair manipulation thus, minimising breakage.


2. Braiding styles


Sadly braiding styles are not a one size fits all, consequently, not all braiding styles will work for you. As a rule of thumb, the less tension the better. This is because, too much tension over a long period of time can cause breakage. So whether, you opt for knotless braids or simply find a hair stylist that is a gentle braider, the point is to make sure to keep the tension on your scalp to a minimum.

3. Upkeep

Now that your hair is all nice and braided,  let’s talk about the up-keep.

Yes, you still need to wash your hair whilst it is in braids, how often is completely up to your type and hair porosity. Washing your hair with shampoo whilst in braids is not recommended because most shampoos contain sulphate which can be drying and that shampoo gets stuck in your braids. Drying shampoo added to the already drying synthetic braiding hair equal dry hair, we are talking Sahara desert dry . In order to stay safe opting for co-washing, washing with conditioner, is a safe bet.

Moisturizing is defiantly necessary; your scalp is more vulnerable to drying out because it’s more exposed. Hence, using a spray/mist leave in conditioner is the easiest in my opinion and afterwards slap on some oil of your choosing and you’re good to go.

There you have it , three tips to help you pop in your braids.

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