Have you ever wondered what your favourite yogurt drink would look like as an outfit? No? Well, we did.

Here’s what we came up with when we decided to recreate Oshikandela Flavours as LOOKS!
Check it out:

We took 6 flavours and dressed the beautiful Varaa Hambira in looks that best represented each flavour.
The looks are 90% Namibian as most of the clothing items were sourced from the proudly Namibian Designer’s Emporium, “The DEN”. It’s a Namibian retail store that houses several Namibian fashion designers and brands -situated at Maerua Mall in Windhoek. Some items were sourced from a Namibian Thrift Store, “Before Me”.

The styling was done by the talented Jay Aeron, and so was the make up, along with Varaa herself.
The hairstyles were beautifully weaved by the amazing Taimi of “Bare & Beauty”. Mitch Sibeso was on set design, while Betty Sibeso and Nadia Brendell were on video and photography.

If you missed it, head over to our Instagram to check out our reel and even more content. 

With that said – here is what we came up with:

Our friends at Oshikandela were keen on giving away a few hampers to our readers. To win one of four hampers, make sure to follow us on Instagram, like and engage with our content.

However, for our first giveaway, we want you to do one simple thing:

Save the image of your favourite look to your phone, post to your IG Stories, tag both Oshikandela and us. Add the words “My favourite Look”. As well as the hashtag #OshikandelaAsOutfits.
Entries close Friday at 12 PM. 

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